10 Most Violent Video Games Ever

Gamerzpedia: Checkout some of the most violent video games of all time.

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LivingTribunal2405d ago

Surely this must be some sort of sick joke. GTA 3? COD 2!?

Yea, they are violent but... but... author is retarded. That is all that can be said. No Gears of War? No Soldier of Fortune? No God of War?

Terrible list.

_Aarix_2404d ago

Agreed gta3 and cod2 are sissy games compaed to gears of war. The fact god of war isnt included makes this an ultimate fail.

Venox20082405d ago

emmm... where's:

God of war
Soldier of fortune

Rainstorm812404d ago

Exactly! The fact that Manhunt isnt on this list shows a complete disconnect from gaming, i expected it in the top 3 at least....Death Race?? Really??? O_o

Dan502404d ago

Thats not even death race they showed.... its Carmageddon!

MogKnight2404d ago

Nothing on Harvester? Someone's missing a huge chunk of gaming history.

Frankfurt2404d ago

Bioshock? Silent Hill? GTA? Bulletstorm?

WTF. Where's the Splatterhouse remake, a game more violent than even the most violent Mortal Kombat?

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