Will COD-ifying Halo 4′s Multiplayer Make it Better?


"You may have either checked out the GameInformer scans online or read over at the broken down jist of the next Halo, and learned that Halo 4‘s multiplayer is somewhat different to what you last remembered it to be.

Whilst many are frustrated and angry that 343 Industries are riding the bandwagon and including features from the Call of Duty franchise creating “just another multiplayer game”, I and many others welcome this change so that Halo is continually solidifying itself as the definitive console first person shooter."

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gaminoz2567d ago

Well COD is really successful, but I think that Halo multi was fine the way it was

Aaroncls72567d ago

I am no CoD fan, in fact i have not purchased a single one (specially after activison vs vince & zampella) but I think this decision is a good one.

Halo has always been fantastic; but as great as reach was, to me it started to feel like the series was falling behind.

343 understood that in the ever growing modern FPS market a game must motivate and reward the player with tactical options and customizable progression; specially in multiplayer modes.

Does that mean that Halo will be like Call of Duty? Absolutely not.
Judging by the amount of resources poured into 343 by MS including the massive number of talent recruited, the Xbox flagship series is being nurtured to be a bigger champion than ever before.

One important thing we must consider is that the Halo series have had a lot imagination and creative force behind it, which has translated directly into incredibly fun gameplay so far. The weapons, the vehicles, the enemies and much more elements are quite unique to Halo and it's sequels/prequels; adding depth to these in the form of weapon mods and ability enhancements feels like the right way to go; as well as creating new factors such as the mistery new race and it's obtainable unique arsenal, as they have explained.

All and all, We should feel very confident about this project because it feels like the franchise is good hands. At least Microsoft has injected a palpable amount of effort into the production of Halo 4 and the formation of its new team.

For all we know 343 may just get it right and hit that multiplayer sweet spot far better than any other soulless shooter out there.

We'll see.

DrPepper2567d ago

listen COD-ifying anything doesn't make anything better. the problem with games these days is that they have no identity anymore they are all trying to be the same crap. if people want to play COD they will play COD. people play halo to play halo not COD. i don't understand why these devs even try to be COD when they know for fact they'll never be able to be as popular than that franchise they need to just let it go already. who wants a market flooded with COD wanna-be's and ripoffs. this is why i honestly see this industry just collapsing again.

Outside_ofthe_Box2567d ago


I mean Halo already has a HUGE fanbase why the need to add CoD elements? Furthermore, I have never seen any fans of any series welcome CoD changes to their games.

***"I and many others welcome this change so that Halo is continually solidifying itself as the definitive console first person shooter."***

Just make a Halo game. There is no need to try and out "CoD" Call of Duty as if it's possible anyway.

BadCircuit2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

I like CoD's multiplayer but I think that Halo's should stay the way it is otherwise every multiplayer experience will end up feeling exactly the same and all the fun of trying out new and innovative multiplayer modes will be lost.

Ashunderfire862567d ago

Halo 4 is not trying to be like Call of Duty, why be like someone else when your already a house whole name? Halo 4 will be the next evolution in multiplayer!!!! And it sure doesn't have the same problems as Call of Duty's online issues. No game companies will copy that, cause none of their games have such problems. The Call of Duty fatigue will die out when Halo 4 and Medal of Honor comes out. Even Medal of Honor is looking better than Call of Duty from the single player department. Don't know yet about multiplayer, but hopefully its not a carbon copy of Call of Duty.

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