CVG Preview: Too Human: Finally new info on the Xbox's Diablo

Since that ill-fateful, frankly disastrous E3 video there's not been much revealed about Too Human - a game that, for a long time, has had bad news written all over it. Burdened by an ever-increasing development time and a stack of 'issues', it's become an unkempt black hole; swallowing vast quantities of cash and giving almost nothing in return. The only news has been Silicon Knight's court case with Epic, and it's a tale that's eclipsed any interest in the game's languishing production. Until now, that is.

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predator3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

before i read preview - ABOUT BLOODY TIME


After i have read the preview - WOW, this sounds absolutely amazing, the potential is huge and if they hit the mark this game is going to be amazing

InMyOpinion3934d ago

Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance + Devil May Cry + Mass Effect?

Sounds like they can't go wrong =) Will have to wait and see though.

dachiefsman3934d ago

seriously that is my ultimate game......I can't get my hopes up that high since I have put them up there already for this game!......come on Dennis don't let me down!!!!!!!!!!!!

InMyOpinion3934d ago

Nice to see all the blind fanboys disagreeing =)

Thx for your support!

killer_trap3934d ago

silicon nights........they hooked me up after legacy of kain. i've been i fan of their games ever since. the game sounds good and i'm looking forward to it.

kewlkat0073934d ago

I actually loved that game, whatever happened to it? I think I had it on the Dreamcast too

This is 4-player co-op so you know I'm getting it. I wonder if they have a 4-player co-op Gauntlet Legend also in the works?

mesh13934d ago

this game is better than all games coming out for the any console this year and there has been new info on this game a while ago .donno why these internet site are envyious of microsft exclsuive so biased they are.

P4KY B3934d ago

but with a post like that you are stooping to the level of a Sony fanboy.

InMyOpinion3934d ago

We'll have to wait and see, won't we?

Fortune telling is a risky business...

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The story is too old to be commented.