GTA V Rumored Release Date on "March 9" Leaked From PSM3

Techtorial: Another day, another rumor-mill. This time, a leak from PSM3's May issue suggesting GTA V launch date will arrive next year.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2563d ago

GTA V better release this year. I'm tired of all the games I really want coming out a year or more from now.

scotchmouth2563d ago

I am still holdin out for october

Outsider-G2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Confirmed as a mistake on PSM3's part

andron2563d ago

It's quite possible. PSM3 have gad many rumours come true before. They hinted about the GTAIV Episodes coming to PS3 long before anyone thought it possible...

TopDudeMan2563d ago

I think that release date is probably closer to the real release date than any date people have been rumouring for 2012.

Splooshington2563d ago

I don't mind. Take as long as you need Rockstar.

Bounkass2563d ago

I coulden't agree more.

The Meerkat2563d ago

Won't be 2012.

Even GTA will want to avoid COD and HALO.

Dark112563d ago

LOL what?
GTA can crash Halo and Cod at any time of the year!!!

S_C2563d ago

@The Meerkat
You crazy dude, COD and Halo Havent Got Sh*t On GTA

KingOptimus1012563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )


You must be one of those dumb xbots who think nothing can't top halo or COD but really you tired of drinking milk with no innovation.

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The story is too old to be commented.