Battle Royale: Kirby's Epic Yarn VS Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Ever since the Wii launched, many people have been hoping for Nintendo to release games for returning franchises, one of them being Kirby, while this franchise has its fair share of games on portable systems, people however wanted Kirby to return to consoles, but then in late 2010, Kirby's Epic Yarn been released. The game received a lot of praise from critics and consumers alike. While there are some people who didn't liked the whole different changes from the other Kirby games, it was still a highly praised game. Then in late 2011, the pink puffball is back in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, the difference being that the original creators of the franchise that took them more than a decade to make developed this. Going through different concepts, art style and even gameplay, the game finally released.

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Venox20082377d ago

I say Epic Yarn is better, but I don't say that I didn't like Return to dreamland too

avenger.avrs2376d ago

I loved the way epic yarn looked. I beat epic yarn 100% but I have yet to beat all of return to dreamland. I liked them both but I am a huge kirby fan lol I even have a tattoo of him on my arm:)

Main_Street_Saint2376d ago

Tough choice, really. Both games has something cool and fun in the mix.

But had it been a three-way fight to the finish with Mass attack on the DS; I would have sided with Mass Attack.

Venox20082376d ago

mass attack was great, power paintbrush was great too