Why BioWare should change the Mass Effect 3 ending

BioWare believes that, by providing the additional scenes of closure the DLC is designed for, it can maintain its original vision of the series' end while keeping customers satisfied. However, it is not what protestors have been demanding. On the FAQ page for the Extended Cut, BioWare answers the ultimate question of "Does this mean BioWare is creating a different ending?" with a clear-cut and definitive...

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Trenta272377d ago

This topic needs to die already.

Dlacy13g2377d ago

Here here... ^^^ as noted above

BattleAxe2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I suppose the these articles have been a bit over done, but I understand the disappointment. I heard about all of the dissatisfaction regarding the ending before I started playing the game, and I have to say that even though I wasn't outraged like some fans, I really wasn't impressed with the ending.

The ending of this game left me feeling like I wasted a lot of time. The game was so good, but its like they didn't know what to do with the end of the game. The lack of choice was very disappointing indeed. I didn't even really understand the consequences of what happened, and it was like they left it up to your imagination as to what you think might have happened. A very elementary ending to a AAA game.

Megaton2377d ago

Destructoid were among the first to bash people who hated the ending as "whiny entitled babies". Schizophrenic much?

Dlacy13g2377d ago

anything to get site hits.

omi25p2377d ago

Destructoid is a pathetic. Any website that post Jim Sterlings is immediately a joke

Hayakuzima2377d ago

I'm sure the fans that are whining non-stop over it will live out their fantasy endings through fan-fiction anyway.

VTKC2377d ago

all the whining people should just write their own ending and like post on a website. All the whiners can read each others and caliberate and make the perfect ending. There. Now Bioware wont need to have to do this, as there is still a chance it may not satisfy people.
I wrote my ending and read it to myself as though I was reading a book. It was quite long but its very self satisfying and it works. Its easier than reading a book, because we all have experienced and witnessed what Mass Effect is and what everything in this made believe world looks like. So reading it would already have the imagination done for you and its easy to picture what is happening in peoples own created endings.

Hayakuzima2377d ago

I think that's a good idea.

Mythicninja2377d ago

I don't know, at this point it's kind of funny when I see yet another one of these articles posted

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