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NYC_Gamer2379d ago

I'm not surprised since many started playing the franchise on 360/have save files from part 1&2...

Dante1122379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

So the PS3 community caused ME3 to flop? Bioware overshipped it seems (They ship 4 million, and actually sold 943k for the 360, 237.5k for the PS3...). But I agree, I even bought ME3 for my 360.

NYC_Gamer2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

PS3 owners didn't cause ME3 to flop..but many people who own both consoles picked to buy the 360 version because of the save data...The game is selling on all platforms but just more on 360.

[email protected]

I think its because many fans don't like the direction of Bioware and their rpgs now days.skipped ME3 myself because its too much action and not enough rpg for my taste.

Dante1122379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

@ NYC Gamer

But you gotta admit, for a multiplaform game to only sell 1.1 million for all the consoles together...that it kinda sold badly. I wonder what happened? The pre-orders were WAY higher than this, did everyone return the game or something?

Edit: @ NYC Gamer

Also, neogaf just figured out the PS3 sales numbers for March going of the MS and Nintendo report. It sold 337k.


blue7_72379d ago

These are just US numbers I'm sure that was 4 million shipped worlwide not just the US so 1.1 million is not so bad it most likely sold another 1 million worlwide.

kevnb2379d ago

1.1 million retail us sales in a month alone for the consoles is bad now? Not to mention im sure it sold ok on pc too.

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kreate2379d ago

4:1 ratio isnt that bad

The bad part is people expected to sell 2m plus on the xbox at minimum. Instead it only sold 0.9m plus on the xbox.

If they shipped 4m copies and there is 2.8m copies or so still in stores, expect the price to drop real fast.

Probably by next month it'll be 29.99-39.99

TekoIie2378d ago

Its going for £23.99 on Amazon UK (not sure about US but most likely similar in price conversion). This price was set 2 weeks after release which is shocking for a game that (despeite the ending) is gonna be one of the best overall games this year.

But i think that RPG lovers will find much better experiences like Dark souls.

lover20122379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

just like FF13/FF13:2 and Dark Souls selling much more on ps3 than xbox 360

TBM2379d ago

i started it on 360 but bought both 2&3 on PS3. like ive said to my friend the decisions made really dont affect the games at all.

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well the same can be said for FF13-1&2 sold more on ps3 then 360
also with IG overstrike i guess the ps3 ver will sell more then teh 360 ver which the game should come out later this year

Frankfurt2379d ago

ME3 may be the worst ME, but still runs circles over both FFXIIIs put together. Just like Halo runs circles over Resistance and Killzone put together.

CRASHBASHUK2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

umm wtf i smell xbox fan boy lol my comment is fact ask any FF fan they would agree

ginsunuva2379d ago

*Slips Halo fanboy comment in the end*

Smashbro292379d ago

I think anybody could have seen this coming.

cynosure2379d ago

The 360 numbers would be higher if it didn't have a piracy problem.
Expected higher sales for the PS3

Kalowest2379d ago

Lmao why did you "Expect higher sales for the PS3"?

cynosure2379d ago

I didnt think it would sell huge but come on man 237.5k is terrible.

MrBeatdown2379d ago


Terrible? By what standard?

Mass Effect has been a 360 series for over four years now. It's been on PS3 for one.

Obviously there's far more people who would be fans on 360, and it's only compounded by the fact that saves carrying over is a major aspect of the series.

And if 237.5k is terrible, every other new release did just as terrible. Or worse. The #2 game for the month sold 582,000. Split that between platforms and it isn't much more than what ME3 sold on PS3. Compared to pretty much everything else during March, ME3 on PS3 did pretty well.

SleazyChimp2379d ago

Maybe the piracy problem on PS3 is why it sold so poorly there.

cynosure2379d ago

There is no piracy problem on PS3 anymore.Only on the old firmwares and new games dont work on those
This doesnt mean that those new firmwares are hack proof just that the guys who were working on exploiting them arent releasing any of their findings because they are afraid Sony will bring them to court

SleazyChimp2379d ago

@cynosure and all the disagrees and then try and tell me some more bullshit!

testerg352379d ago

Cynosure, you're way behind the PS3 scene.

sjaakiejj2379d ago

I'm more interested in how to PC version did, though I suppose it's a bit harder to track due to Origin.

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