Geek Revolt: TERA Online: Closed Beta V - Races, Classes, and Thoughts

GR's Edgar Ocampo writes:

Hey guys, welcome back! Last weekend, En Masse Entertainment (EME) hosted TERA Online’s final CBT event. Up until now, I’ve been holding off on my insights for the various classes because I felt I needed more time to explore them. But now is probably a good time as any to talk about them. In addition, I’ll also cover some thoughts and concerns I have over the game… some good, some not so good. (Uh-oh!)

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zeal0us2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

When I saw Gamepad support something told me it wasn't going to be all that but it is a mmo afterall. Too many functions in a mmo to support an controller, you're better off using the keyboard. I'm not sure how SE does it with FF11.

ATi_Elite2406d ago

Tera is an Action Combat MMO so it may be configured enough to work on a Controller!

sorta like Vindictus but with more emphasis on the RPG part!