What The Hell Would You Even Do In God Of War 4?

So during the night the Playstation facebook page added a photo with a simple message "Will Vengeance Bring Redemption? 04.19.12". Now given the color and style of the image it screams God of War. So of course the fans have gone super bat crazy over a possible God of War 4 announcement. However I can't help but think..

What the hell would you even do in God of War 4? Better yet, do we even need one?

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Abash2380d ago

Obviously there's a lot to do if it's being made, use your imagination

sinncross2380d ago

I think the author does a poor job of explaining his point.

The thing is that at the end of GoW3, Kratos got his vengeance and found his redemption. His story is effectively complete. So I can understand if some people feel they continuing his story is stretching it thin... there really is not much reason for it.

That said, I welcome more GoW, its a fun series even if it lacks the complexity of other games.

LarVanian2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )


Yeah what exactly is Kratos going to do? He's killed pretty much all major Gods and Titans, he's killed the Sisters of Fate, he's been to Hell and back several times, he's destroyed Atlantis, he's destroyed practically the whole world, all of his brothers are dead and all loose ends (other than his disappearance) have been tied up. I truthfully do believe that his story is finished and there is really nothing more that can be done with it.
I would love to see Santa Monica studios try a new IP and show the gaming world more of what they can do. I would love to see how they would handle a sandbox game or even an RPG.

NukaCola2379d ago

I think they could go a whole new route.

I would really like to see maybe the Nordic theme taken on. A Viking lord could be pretty cool. I love the God of War series, but outside of doing a Vita title, they have talked about pretty much everything in Greek Mythology and everyone is dead.

I trust Santa Monica though. They are some of the best in the biz.

VsAssassin2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

@sinncross, I would have to disagree with you there. Although Kratos got his revenge, he never really got to redeem anything, except maybe for Hope in the form of Pandora; in the end, he only felt worse (revolving around the notion that 'vengeance is futile').

I personally believe Kratos in the next installment will embark on a new quest, concerning real redemption. How SM can pull this off is kind of hazy for me right now, but I believe in the devs creativity.

sinncross2379d ago


Not at all. That is quite an incorrect interpretation of how GoW3 ends.

Kratos comes to learn that it was his actions that tainted the Gods... the death of each God releases the evil of Pandora onto the world.
Kratos also learns that he holds within him the power of Hope... the power Athena put into Pandoras box to fight the evil.

That is why he scarf ices himself... because his death will unleash hope onto the world to create balance. That his redemption, along with coming to terms with his family's death and accepting his guilt, something he could not do.

This ties directly with the main concern of the game: freewill vs fate. Kratos, until the very end, expected the Gods in GOW1 to rid him of his guilt, but he had to do that himself.

And Katos never says that `vengeance is futile`. he says `my vengeance ends now`, and that is with his death.

So yes, Kratos does find both the vengeance and redemption he was looking for.

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cannon88002377d ago

Q: "what the hell would you even do in god of war 4?"
A: Do god of war stuff.

jujubee882379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Have a "transfarring" meta-game in GOW4. The PS VITA version of the GOW game could take place in a tangental universe to the sequel and the main game on console will be 100% cannon but, items and stuff can be translated between the two.

Based on the two PSP GOW games, there WILL be a new GOW made exclusively for the VITA (eventually). Why not have it tie to GOW4?

DrPepper2379d ago

kratos can obviously kill himself and be sent to hell and where do you think all the people he's killed are gonna be at....... IN HELL.

solkyoshiro2379d ago

Yea Kratos jacked the whole going to hell thing. Charon is dead so he's unable to ferry the dead across the River Styx and Hades is dead so there's no order to Tarturus or Elsyium Fields. So all the dead are prolly stuck in Limbo.

DrPepper2379d ago

athena could possibly run the show in hell. you never know she was pretty pissed off kratos.

morganfell2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Of all the times Kratos went to Hades , how many times did he need Charon? Think about it.

Who says it will be Kratos? Who says it will be the Greek interpretation?

Personally I think the biggest mistake made by SA was having Kratos kill Hercules. There is a name with far more worldwide recognition and a built in storyline, the 12 Labors of Hercules. The fight with Kratos was a monumental error in writing as it goes against everything mythology offers us concerning the character of of Hercules. GoW III portrayed him as a subservient bully.

Since I know there is some shortsighted nitwit out there wanting to scream , "It's Heracles! It's Heracles! Consider the fact that Hercules is the more recognizable form for Sony's target demographic and it was Hercules in GoW III...which would be the reason to use the original form. I just highly doubt they would go this route.

We might consider with the Gods out of the way, mankind may get out of hand with and power the gods left behind. Also it isn't as if Kratos killed every single god in Olympus. And suppose when Kratos returns, he is a pure mortal who will eventually tame errant mankind to become the king of Olympus?

Either way I am looking forward to GoW IV.

Alos882379d ago

If I was Kratos I would find a way to go back in time.
To save my family? Hell no, so I could get revenge all over again.

lover20122379d ago

i wonder why he didn't though ??
in GOW2 he did go back in time
why he didn't choose to get back in time to save his family ???

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