Dragon Age 3 will not re-use levels, decisions that matter and equipment for companions confirmed

DSOGaming writes: "At this year’s PAX East, Creative Director Mike Laidlaw revealed some interesting new information about the upcoming third part of the Dragon’s Age series. Laidlaw wanted to make it clear that everything they’ve said are just ideas for Dragon Age 3. Obviously Laidlaw is playing it safe and watches how he words things, but we can pretty much say that the following three features will be the foundations of Dragon Age 3."

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dedicatedtogamers2406d ago

We were also promised that ME3 would have "decisions that matter". Look how that turned out.

R.I.P, Bioware. Yet another victim of EA.

NYC_Gamer2406d ago

100% agree,Bioware is dead and full of broken promises.

Nitrowolf22406d ago

I like how they joked about this with DA3 and yet still felt like they were somehow innovating on the DA series by bringing back what's been in RPG since the start of them.

MAJ0R2406d ago

Sadly I agree, more evidence that DA3 will be crap is when the guy got asked about modding tools and said that they wouldn't be included for reasons he couldn't disclose.

It is obviously because EA is greedy and only wants you to buy their DLC and not get community mods for free. Origins was miles better because of mods. If they are smart, they will do what Bethesda does and make more money in the long run by having their game prolonged by the community.

NegativeCreepWA2406d ago

ME3 was great, you guys just need something to cry about.

You should join the rest of the complainers in the Dark Souls articles.

NewMonday2406d ago

via darkride66

"one of Bioware's old managers said that with the reception of Mass Effect 2, Bioware was moving in a new direction to make more action orientated, cinematic games that rely more on big cutscenes and simpler controls to keep things flowing. Dragon Age was in development for quite some time and was a bit of a side project for them with a core group of the old, Baldur's Gate guys chipping away at it while DA2 didn't have that team.
He thought Mass Effect 2 was Bioware's best game to date (this was last fall) but he didn't agree with the action/cinematic approach. He was more old school (his company, Beamdog, is the one remaking Baldur's gate right now). "

awi59512406d ago


And i bet you think dragon age 2 was awesome too. Dragon age 2 was a total turd sandwich and you took a big bite and smiled.

STONEY42406d ago

Almost all the hate for ME3 has come from the ending. Yes, the ending sucks, but the rest of the game is brilliant, and even everyone who hates the ending will tell you that. ME2 is still my least overall favorite in the series, best story goes to ME1, best gameplay goes to ME3.

Now Dragon Age 2... terrible. There is nothing redeeming about it. They killed everything that made Origins great. The writing is poor, areas are reused sooooo many times, the gameplay is nothing like Origins and was simplified beyond belief. If people are going to hate on Bioware, then use what they've done to Dragon Age as an example, because they deserve every bit of hate for that.

Getowned2406d ago

why dose everyone hate Bioware all of a sudden,they make one game that was mediocre(DA2) and then make a really great game with a bad ending (ME3) and all of a sudden they suck ? I don't hate them I'm just bit dissapointed, but ME3 was grate over all.

Im not ready to jump on the hate wagon just yet besides Dragon Ages 3 from what I've seen and hurd it sound great sofar, I'm really looking forward to it. Yet I still want to see some gameplay footage befor I make up my mind.

SuicidalTendencies2405d ago

It's not just the pile of crap that was Dragon Age 2 or the horrible ending of ME3. It's the lies they gave us and the bullshit DLC. It all reeks of EA and that is why I won't be purchasing anymore BiowarEA games.

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Kalowest2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Yep another sh1tty Bioware game, look how they have fallen. I agree with Nitrowolf2, this gaming it doing nothing new.

CD Projekt RED is better than bioware.

Xof2406d ago

To be perfectly fair to Bioware, they also promised that for Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age ~and~ the first Mass Effect.

They haven't really delivered even once--it's just that their failures to deliver have gotten ~worse.~

Personally, I blame gamers: we're the ones who let Bioware get away with it for so long.

Anon19742406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

You guys crack me up. Mass Effect 3 sells double what Mass Effect 2 did at launch and is a huge commercial and critical success and you guys are "RIP Bioware. We Hardly new ye." Get a grip. Bioware has released some of their best work since being bought out by EA. The entire Mass Effect series was launched while Bioware was owned by EA, as was Dragon Age, as was SW: The Old Republic.

Thankfully, the internet posters don't represent the bulk of gamers who are echoing critics sentiments and clearly speaking with their wallets. Bioware remains at the top of their game and continues to put out great product.

And personally, I could care less about "choice" in videogames. It's no different than a choose your own adventure novel with a limited number of paths. I couldn't care less if a different choice I made took me down a different path. The outcome still isn't controlled by me, it's controlled by whoever wrote the script. Choice in videogames is an illusion.

Lord_Sloth2406d ago

Dragon Age Origins was great. Mass Effect 2 was great. EA owned Bioware for both of them. Let Bioware own up to their own mistakes. They're big boys and can handle that they fell on their own. EA doesn't have to be the fall guy because you get choked up admitting Bioware isn't flawless!

Broncos982405d ago

Anybody else wondering if pick a color endings will be back as well?

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Baka-akaB2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

The turbulent 2011-12 period will maybe teach them to eat some humble pie . Remember when they were mocking jrpgs , Final fantasy , and making all bunch of promises that sounded like bull ?

i'm not even mad at them , i never believed the choices would make any important an lasting impact after the way they handled it in me2 . I was only vested in Me3 as usual , expecting just a pleasant sci-fi action rpg ride .

If you do remember choosing the council , among many other things , meant nothing when your dealing with them were ultra limited , as you were shipped elsewhere for the whole game .

--Onilink--2406d ago

well after ME3 i learned that you can no longer trust anything Bioware says about the game before it launches, that i certainly cannot expect to get an honest review within the 1st days of launch and to wait a few weeks for any "anomalies" can see the light of day and then make my mind about the game.

I certainly hope this bussines practice of saying things that actually wont be (or be the complete opposite) in the final game end with ME3

Mythicninja2406d ago

Yeah not a damn reviewer I once trusted had anything to say about this fiasco....all gave the game 9.0+ I'll be coming here and be heavily analyzing user comments before purchasing another damn game

--Onilink--2406d ago

and at least to me its not even about the scores, i do feel the game is very good, but the fact that they said NOTHING about the ending?? c'mon even if someone likes the ending, its impossible to miss how polarizing it is...

i think by now most people know how much a publisher can affect reviews on most sites, but i think ME3 really pushed it, i would probably even bet that there was some kind of NDA about the ending that they had to sign if they wanted to release their review early because otherwise it doesnt make sense no one would say at least something about the ending

TopDudeMan2406d ago

Here's hoping it's better than 2. 2 wasn't as good as origins, but I still enjoyed it despite the recycled dungeons.

john22406d ago

same here. Hopefully 3 will be way better than 2

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