PlayStation response to NPD: "PS Vita continues to grow"

Sony has just issued its response to the March NPD sales report, and as usual there's no mention of any units sold, but rather SCEA decided to focus on how PlayStation Vita is growing.

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donniebaseball2384d ago

Odd that they didn't mention PS3 whatsoever, meanwhile Xbox 360 is trouncing them...

Two_Sheds_Jackson2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

And worldwide the 360 is getting trounced by the 3ds, wii, ps3, and psp......

@ below

yep I must be a playstation fan which is why I accurately represented the worldwide figures......

When the 360 sells 80 million and 100 million units like the psp and wii have, then you can say theyve been in third place for quite some time.......

GribbleGrunger2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

presumably you're a Playstation fan so could you possibly not represent me with that nonsense please, the 360 has been third for quite some time now, ahead of Wii and the PSP.

MAJ0R2384d ago

Why in the world are you comparing the PSP to the 360? *facepalm*

And the 360 is ahead of the PS3 in total world wide sales, with the Wii obviously ahead of everyone else like it's always been.

Dante1122384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Like I told all of you earlier "just wait until neogaf add up the numbers before to start talking smack". Neogaf just figured out the Ps3 NPD numbers going off of the MS and Nintendo report. It sold 337k, 360 was only ahead by 34k lol. Now some of you have egg on your faces.


miyamoto2383d ago

The NPD is not the most credible nor trusted research firm in America so you gotta take their figures with a grain of salt.

The top 20 firms in the United States in 2010 were:
Kantar Group
IMS Health
SymphonyIRI Group
NPD Group
ICF International
J. D. Power and Associates
Maritz, LLC
Harris Interactive
Lieberman Research Worldwide (LRW)
Market Strategies International
ORC International

For M$ marketing speaks for their products.
For Sony products speak for their marketing.

No matter what happens no Japanese company will ever beat M$ on PR wars on its home turf.
M$ is a company pretty much run by the Federal Agency which control the US economy & media. They are very influential & powerful. They can make any company bend & bow at their feet. SquareEnix, Capcom, yes even Sony & Nintendo.
Have you ever asked why the PS3 is always pegged at 2 million units shy of 360 figures for the longest time?

In 2009 when Aaron Greenburg made THE statement "What I can tell you is we remain confident that Xbox 360 will not only outsell PS3 for the full calendar year, but for this entire generation." ... he really can back it up.

Got this info right from the horse's mouth - a well known "anti-Sony journalist" here on N4G.
He honestly told me that the Console Wars is a fixed wrestling match. The play is what you are actually seeing right now - M$ beating Sony in USA.

You are right about worldwide sales but that is not the issue here. We all have to live with this. Don't worry too much about the stupid console wars.

Trust your instinct when choosing the best product for your needs but never be a fanboy playing their war games.

Just Think Win Win.

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Silly gameAr2384d ago

Probably because the Vita is their newest hardware launch and the PS3 wasn't their main focus this time. Don't you write for this site donnie?

Don't go back to your old N4G days and start trolling. No one will take you seriously.

GraveLord2384d ago

PS3 sales are the closest they've ever been this month. Only a ~30k gap for the month.

Meanwhile, the PS3 is outselling the 360 on a weekly basis worldwide.

Dark3602384d ago

"Nearly two months after hitting the North American market, the PS Vita ecosystem continues to grow with impressive hardware, software, and peripherals sales among big-box retailers, smaller retail shops and digital," said Dan Race, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at SCEA.

That's what PR is. They ain't going to admit it sold terribly.


Adva2384d ago

You should totally join Micheal Patcher.
You know more about PS than [email protected]!

DNAbro2384d ago

there is no doubt it is selling way lower than the 3DS

Yangus2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

"PS Vita ecosystem continues to grow with IMPRESSIVE!!!hardware, software,and peripherals sales"
Japanese sales... 8.000 Grow-----3DS 72.000 flop---

Yes its 100% true.Little lol?
Too many scotch whisky?

Dante1122384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Do you have the NPD PS Vita numbers? So how would you know it did terrible? Just wait for neogaf to add up everything before you go trolling, Dark360. Remember last month (Xbox360 killed the Ps3! *an hour later* It only outsold it by 40k)?

danny8182383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )


You do realize that the 3DS is older and obviously has broadened. Of coarse its outselling it, just wait in a year from not, all these gloom comments will just disappear just like the 3DS!

typical nintendo fan boy -,-

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erasure2422384d ago

They need more games and online content for the Vita.. Hopefully it comes soon... Also PLEASE Sony make us have access to our Playstation Plus accounts on the Vita... It would be nice to play the free Mini games on it...

K3nji2384d ago

There is a lot of online content for the Vita, more PSP games rather than Vita games, but still enough there to keep you occupied till later when the Vita games start rolling in.

Unexpecta2384d ago

There's nothing false with this article.

The Vita IS growing.

ElementX2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Growing stale. Look at numbers in Japan for instance.

turgore2384d ago

It needs great games -games that I can't play on the PS3 that I already own.

Nutsack2384d ago

Lol, the Japanese PSVita sales... 8.000... Damn Sony wtf is happening at the home market?

Japanese normally eat up new tech, not this time around. 3DS sold what in the same period, 120k or something?

Damn, a pricedrop is needed, and fast too.

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