Xbox 360 is #1 in March with 371,000 units sold

Microsoft revealed its hardware sales for the month of March today, noting that 371,000 units were sold in the US during the month, making the console the top selling system for the 15th consecutive month.

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Dark3602407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

!!!Congratulations Microsoft!!!

Disagrees - LOL!!!!

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Anon19742407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Wow. All consoles down with the PS3 being the strongest year over year for March. It's really something when you consider it's still the most expensive console on the market. Really, just the fact that it's been outselling the 360 handily since they were going head to head, when you consider the price difference for that entire time it really makes it quite a feat.

What I think is most interesting is just how far the Wii and 3ds have fallen. Both are down about 40% year over year in the US. That's a huge drop. Frankly, the 360 being ahead in the US really isn't news any more than having an article saying "PS3 ahead in Japan!" Well no kidding. I think the story being missed by sites like this is really the dramatic reversal of Nintendo's fortunes in the US, not this "Water is wet" type of article about the 360's fortunes in the US.

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IRetrouk2407d ago

Your comment is mostly right if you are talking about America, worldwide is a different story isn't it, oh and in Europe the ps3 still costs more than an xbox

badkolo2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

still in denial it i take.

every knows that ms was leading world wide, sony even said yet people still are in denail.

MrBeatdown2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )


Making this claim again?

Got a source besides that same GamaSutra article you keep posting as proof that fails to take into account Kinect and game bundles?

2406d ago
MrBeatdown2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )


So, this is your source, isn't it?

"Well, since Kinect and game bundles only INCREASE the price of a console, there's no logical reason to think it would change anything in PS3's favor.."

The whole point clearly went right over your head.

Game bundles and Kinect don't increase the price of the console itself. People are paying for those bundles because of what they include.

Hell, the article says the average price for a 360 was $306. The highest price stand-alone 360 is $300.

Obviously people are paying the higher price for Kinect and games included, not the 360 itself. It's hilarious that you would even try to pass off those average bundle prices as the prices of the consoles themselves.

Oh, and you bring up PS3 Black Friday bundles, but the only source you have is dated in October and it covers September pricing versus July. The real sad thing is that you act like 360 still sells for higher on average, yet you have no idea what caused the average price paid for a 360 bundle to spike $26 over the summer.

You, or even the author of that article can't explain the jump, yet you treat it as if it's a fact that that jump was permanent and has stayed consistent for seven months. Hell, the article speculates that the higher price point is attributed to a limited time promo, which flies right in the face of your assertion that those numbers have stayed consistent...

"During the same period, the Xbox 360 saw its price increase by approximately $25. While the NPD Group won't speak to the specifics of a change like this, we suspect that part of the price increase may be related to the end of the Xbox 360 and Windows PC promotion that ran throughout the summer of this year."

Keep rambling on about how it's "proven" that the 360 sells for more. Hell, I'm sure you will. This is the third time I've called you out on this. The reality is that that article doesn't prove much of anything, and you're just cherry picking and warping the facts to try to make whatever you want to believe appear true.

DiRtY2406d ago

@MR Beatdown

Why is one source that proves you wrong not okay? Sure kinect increased the average price tag of the Xbox 360, but so did Move bundles. Move flopped, so the bundle did not sell too well and the PS3 average price did not increase that much. Just Logic here. If Move was successful, the price average price would have increased as well.

And worldwide was a win for Xbox 360 in 2011. To quote Bloomberg:

"Microsoft’s entertainment division, which includes the Xbox, posted a 45 percent sales gain to $8.91 billion in the fiscal year that ended in June. The Xbox 360 outsold Nintendo Co. (7974)’s Wii and Sony Corp. (6758)’s PlayStation 3 in 2011, and also sold better than any other TV-connected devices, including DVD players and home-theater systems, Dennis said."

sikbeta2406d ago


NPD = Only America

why NPD articles are split by Manufacturer?

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MrBeatdown2406d ago


No, DK, you just want to think I'm applying different standards. The same thing applies to Move bundles as well. I figured it was obvious. Clearly though, you need everything spelled out for you, else you'll let your little imagination run wild. You want to find some hypocrisy to make you feel better, but unfortunately, all you have is assumptions about me based on nothing. Sorry to disappoint.

Bundles are especially important in Microsoft's case. Kinect is significantly more expensive than Move, therefore driving the cost of bundles higher. The highest priced PS3 bundle is $350. The highest price 360 bundle is $450 and there have been numerous bundles over $400 in the past.

The fact of the matter is that people don't pay for $400 Kinect 360 bundles just for the 360. They buy it because it gets them the 360 AND Kinect for $50 less than what it would cost to buy them individually. They are paying $300 for the Xbox and $100 for Kinect and the game. The fact that they come in the same box is irrelevant. Nobody would pay over $300 for a 360 unless they are a total idiot. Anything more than that spent on a bundle is obviously intended for additional contents. Since I need to spell it out, the same applies to PS3 bundles. Nobody spends over $300 unless they want to specifically pay for the Move or whatever else is included.

You are using bundle pricing as if it is console pricing. It's not. They are two different things. If you're having an argument about who spends more on what's in the box, yeah, 360 wins that argument, at least for the time period that article covers. But if you're looking at the average spending on the console hardware itself, that article does not apply. If people weren't paying for a bundle specifically to get Kinect, Move, games, or whatever else Sony or MS includes in their bundles, they would buy the standalone console. It's as simple as that. The 360 does not sell for a higher average price than the PS3 based on that article. 360 BUNDLES and standalone consoles combined sell for a higher average price than PS3 BUNDLES and standalone consoles combined.

To try to pretend that the average person out there who would spend over $300 for a $300 game console is downright ridiculous, and to pretend that money spent on a console and accessories is just hardware spending is just are ridiculous.

And you failed to address the other issues I brought up with that article. One... it's outdated. And two... the spike in price is unexplained, and possibly attributed to a limited time offer, like the article states, but you conveniently ignored that.

Given that you failed to respond to that, I'll take it that you have no answer to that and have accepted just how absurd it is to assume that those unexplained numbers have held true over the past seven months. You say I "don't WANT to believe it" but the fact that you couldn't defend it is really all that needs saying.

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EVILDEAD3602406d ago

Ouch..DK put a Beatdown on the

That was pure entertainment...

MrBeatdown2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )


You don't have any facts on your side. You apparently don't have reading comprehension on your side either. You seem to be arguing against points I'm not making.

I never said a console in a bundle counts for less than a standalone console sale. We're talking about pricing and only pricing. You're trying to pretend that the money spent on consoles, and the money spent on a console, accessories, and games are the exact same thing. Using that same logic, you could say you're selling hamburgers at McDonalds for $5, even though that $5 is going towards a happy meal that includes a burger. As stupid as that would be, that's the exact logic you're using here. Nobody, NOBODY, spends over $300 on a 360. They are spending over $300 on a 360 AND ("and" is the really important part here) Kinect and games. You treat it as if $306 is the average paid for just the hardware. It's not, so it's complete BS to say "the 360 sells at a higher average price". 360 Kinect bundles do. 360s don't. It's a fact.

I'm not changing the rules. It's pointing out the obvious. Sadly, the obvious has to be pointed out, because some people simply refuse to accept it.

"we have no choice but to accept that standalone 360's and PS3's sell for exactly the same price on average."

This is just dumb. We don't know something for sure, so we have to assume something is fact? I lol'd. Intelligent people just accept that there is no known answer. They don't pick a random answer and treat it as fact.

Twice now you failed to even acknowledge that that the data in that article is, one... seven months out of date, and two... unexplained. You just can't seem to accept the fact that even the author of the article suggests the 360's price spike is due to a limited time promo. The very article you are citing contradicts your "fact" that 360 sells for higher on average.

Yet you still treat it as if that unexplained $26 increase in average price paid was a permanent spike. Cherry picking facts, at it's finest. If the price can swing so drastically upwards, it can just as easily swing back down.

The facts are painfully obvious... We don't know which console sells for more.

Hell, if the 360 average price went back down to $280 like it was in July before the unexplained spike, and PS3 remained at it's September post-price drop average price of $271, the difference is only $9. And you said "PS3 bundles are FAR less successful than 360 bundles" so, that would actually point to non-bundle PS3s selling for almost as much as a 360 with additional bundled items, meaning standalone 360 consoles sell for less.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Oh, and EvilDead came out to play...

Defense! *clap* *clap* Defense!

You keep at it Evil. Don't let common sense or logic get in the way of your support of each and every comment in support of the 360. Logic and critical thinking skills are overrated anyway. By the way, you never got around to finishing up our last little chat...

Now that was pure entertainment!

Outside_ofthe_Box2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Ouch... MrBeatdown killed two birds with one stone... He owned DK... and beat an already "dead" horse in EvilDead lol.

That was PURE entertainment...

EVILDEAD3602401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

LOL @ you and the girl accounts still whining about the 360.

Xbox 360 and #1 ate you up inside so much that you spent 5 bubbles babbling about bu-bu-but the average 360 price...LMAO..

DK destroyed all 3 of you..and Outside following up when you run out of bubbles looks strangley familiar..nah it's actually not strange we all know why..just look at the link you just brought up. that all you fan kiddies got?

Evil is very entertained

MrBeatdown2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )


LMAO at you taking five days to reply.

It must bug you an awful lot if you can't let something go after five days.

Fact is, you can't back up DK with any actual argument because I'm right, and I could have torn through any nonsense you posted just as easily as I did with DK's. Instead of arguing with facts, you need to resort to your same tired meaningless ramblings and your childish name calling. That's usually what you do. That is, if you don't outright abandon ship in an attempt to save face, like you did last time I tore through your nonsense.

Keep trolling if it helps you sleep at night. I know you're trying to insinuate that I have alternate accounts. You always do need to manufacture lies to try to get an upper hand in one of your nonsensical arguments, just like you did when you said I was trolling ME3 articles by posting spoilers. And "girl" accounts? What the hell is that even supposed to mean? Don't tell me you're resorting to insults out of a second grader's playbook.

Hell, you can't even get your trolling right. I didn't use up all my bubbles when Outside posted. DK ran out of bubbles right before you showed up though. Oh the irony.

Keep trying troll. Xbox will love you back.

Outside_ofthe_Box2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I really didn't want to comment(as it would further make it seem like me and beatdown are alts), but I can't help it.

LOL LOL LOL @ evil posting after FIVE freaking days.

You're calling us fan kiddies? How the hell do you look denying FACTS? Hell I don't even think you read Beatdown's last post or else you wouldn't have said "DK destroyed you all" lol.

***"LOL @ you and the girl accounts still whining about the 360."***

Who's whining about the 360? INSECURE much? All I did was enjoy Beatdown countering DK's posts will valid arguments. And all Beatdown did was show DK how it isn't FACT (at least according to his source) that the 360 sells at a higher average price than the PS3. But there you go again... coming to the 360's rescue when it doesn't need saving...

***"Xbox 360 and #1 ate you up inside so much that you spent 5 bubbles babbling about bu-bu-but the average 360 price...LMAO.."***

Do you lack reading comprehension? Beatdown wasn't "babbling" about the average 360's price as to use it as an excuse as to why the 360 was number one. Hell, he didn't EVEN claim that PS3 sold at a higher price. He only claimed that DK's source ISN'T PROOF that the 360 hardware itself sells at a higher price than the PS3. Like he stated, the answer to which one sells at a higher price is that there "ISN'T A KNOWN ANSWER." YET you have the FREAKING nerve to call him a "fan kiddy" when all he did was state the TRUTH lol?

Evil, you are no different than the 'classic n4g' fanboys that you detest. You will defend anything 360 as proven here EVEN when there are valid arguments going against what you support right IN FRONT of you L-O-FREAKING-L. I believe I said this to you before, YOU WILL NEVER ADMIT WHEN WRONG, which is really really sad. Just don't reply if you can't swallow your pride to admit that you are wrong.

Also I really wish that DK had more bubbles. I really want to know what his reply would have been seeing as denying anything Beatdown has posted would be denying the truth.

Outside_ofthe_Box is very very entertained.

EVILDEAD3602398d ago

Lmao @ responding late intlitially because that is when I saw it..

The response from the wonder twins is absolutely perfect..

Evil is entertained at the fact that all these agenda laden trolls can do is repeat everything I say. They giveth but can't taketh..

Love N4G

Evil is highly entertained..

Outside_ofthe_Box2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Well, Evil you really have shown that you take it really personally when someone talks against the 360.

***"Evil is entertained at the fact that all these agenda laden trolls can do is repeat everything I say. They giveth but can't taketh.."***

Can you please show me how I am trolling here?

Can you please show me how I have an agenda here?

This was all an argument about whether or not the 360 hardware itself sells at a higher average price than the PS3 and nothing more.

Beatdown never claimed the PS3 to sell at a higher average price.

I never clmaimed that the PS3 sold at at a higher average price.

Beatdown never talked down the 360 for being #1 in march.

I never talked down the 360 being #1 in march.

Yet you say we are 'whining' about the 360.
Yet you call us 'fan kiddies.'
Yet you say we have an agenda.
Yet you call us trolls.

To me it seems like you're the one with the agenda here, that you are the one that is whining because we are making an argument against a favorite gaming console of yours.

Feel free to show me that it is a FACT that the 360 hardware itself sells at a higher average price. Unlike you, I'll be able to admit that I am wrong if you can prove it.

You try to act like you're neutral, but in this thread you have clearly shown that you are not.

This is truly classic...

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Anarki2406d ago

Why the fuck does these articles get published? everyone and their gran knows that the Xbox sells the best in US.

Gamer19822406d ago

The US again though not worldwide. Sony is still outselling it worldwide yearly. Although Sony would like to crack America i'm sure these articles are just made and posted by 360 fans to try to prove something. Its like posting PS2 outsell all consoles in Afghanistan or some crap. Sure US is bigger but you get my point.

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Tai_Kaliso2407d ago

Microsoft said that total retail spend on the Xbox 360 platform in March reached $430 million, "the most for any console in the U.S. and more than the spend on PS3 and Wii combined."

Things are going to get hot when they announce a price cut on the Xbox 360 and Kinect later this year.

Congrats to Microsoft.

Dante1122407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

It looks like the all of the consoles decline for the month though. I can't wait for the fiscal reports.

360's March 2011 numbers

433,000 units sold

360's March 2012 numbers

371,000 units sold

Edit: Lol, disagrees. Source:

Tai_Kaliso2407d ago

Well if you look at the time period from this year and last, there were more games coming out, thus more consoles are going to sell.

So far this year has really only seen Mass Effect 3, people are even buying that horrid Raccoon City game because there isn't anything else to buy.

I think price cuts and decent software later on this year will take Microsoft to a great Holiday season.

KonaBro2407d ago

has the power of advertising and getting people to buy things, it's easy to sell that many units. Just look at Apple fanatics. It would be nice if the 360 could sell this many units in Europe or even sell at all in Japan but that's not going to happen anytime soon.

dark-hollow2407d ago

A costumer is a costumer.

Why does it matter where they are from especially when the 360 was the best selling console if 2011 worldwide?

Machioto2407d ago

How is that?they all ready have an entry model that's cheaper than a ps3.

blue7_72407d ago

Yeah it's very impressive considering the Xbox 360 hasn't had a proper price cut in a long time years.

dubt722407d ago

Costumer? Is it Halloween already?

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NYC_Gamer2407d ago

Solid number of units sold

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