Top 10 Final Boss Themes in Gaming's Jason Fanelli continues his week of lists with the best final boss themes in gaming. From Mario to Kirby to Zelda, Jason brings back the classic a surprise thrown in.

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NovusTerminus2382d ago

Dark Souls "Gwyn: Lord of Cinder"

One of the greatest songs in gaming!

Pozzle2382d ago

Am I the only one who thinks FFVIII's soundtrack is horribly underrated? I can't decide what my favorite FF final battle music is, but the fast-paced tune when you fight Ultimecia is definitely in my top 5:

BigManFanelli2382d ago

I'm with you here, I almost included "The Extreme" on the list. Most likely #11 if I had kept going.

wingman32x2382d ago

I personally think the Pokemon Red/Blue champion theme is one of the best final themes. A bit disappointed to not see it up there. It was such a fun theme. The frantic tone really added to the battle.

BigManFanelli2382d ago

Sorry to disappoint ya man. I'm a fan of that track too, but I always preferred the Gold/Silver song. Couldn't tell you why.

wingman32x2382d ago

They're both really good themes for sure. The early pokemon games had some awesome themes. I'm the same way, I can't explain why I think the RB theme is so epic. It really does boil down to personal preference.

GSC is probably the better game musically overall. A lot of the themes were catchy as hell.