Skullgirls - First 30-Minutes (Game & Watch)

GameXplain: "Join the GameXplain crew as we play through the first 30-minutes of Skullgirls."

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Eternalb2433d ago

Not a huge fan of fighting games, but this looks pretty fun.

Skateboard2433d ago

Dude, its awesome. My favorite fighter so far is Ms Fortune.

Smashbro292433d ago

Isn't the first 30 minutes the same as the next 30 minutes? And pretty much the entire game?

T-What2432d ago

I think the game looks cool, but i see a massive lost opportunity and its kind of the same with so many other fighter games (particularity 2D ones) they had the chance to make some awesome anime or Saturday morning cartoon animations in between the fights but instead they chose to put boring pictures and walls of text. The game could have been awesome (at least in my eyes) if they would have done that and it would have separated them from the other fighters that do same lame story modes. oh well:(