Preview - Aliens: Colonial Marines: This is how you make awesome multiplayer

GameJudment demos Aliens: Colonial Marines at PAX East and gets way more than bargained for. Is a new standard of four-player co-op about to be set?

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sphinct2382d ago

This is good news! I had no idea the title features a Left 4 Dead-style four-player co-op. The chance to fight Xenomorphs with my buddies (from the safety of my couch) is too much to miss out on.

This makes me want the game NOW.

AIndoria2381d ago

I must say, I have heard of this game here and there and now I’ll have to pay more attention to it. I loved l4d coop and now I am looking forward to it.

dredgewalker2381d ago

I was unaware of this game but after checking out some youtube videos of it I'm starting to get interested in this game. Sure it's an fps but it looks like an Aliens game done the right way.

2381d ago