Trine 2 Collector's Edition Review (ITF Gaming)

William Mabin from ITF Gaming writes: When I first picked up Trine I thought ‘Here we go again, another RPG that is probably going to take the form of a sandbox environment, borrowing most of its ideas from sources of popular fantasy fiction.’ Then I downloaded the game and it was, ‘Wait a second! This is a side-scroller!’ However, it wasn’t just a side-scroller it was also the evolution of titles such as The Lost Vikings and Realms of Chaos which also allowed players to switch between characters in order to solve different puzzles. Frozenbyte, the company that developed the shoot-em’-up, Aliens inspired Shadowgrounds, has done something extremely brave in creating this type of game in the wake of a tidal wave of FPS and third-person perspective games, but how do Trine and Trine 2 really rate in today’s world of video games? Let’s find out!

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