Two New Fracture Gameplay Videos

LucasArts released two new Fracture gameplay videos for the
Consumer Electronics Show 08.

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CrazedFiend3939d ago

That has got 2 b some of the DUMBEST AI I've ever seen!!!

Bladestar3939d ago

You are right.. they better fix that AI.. that enemy was running around like a chicken with his head cut off.... though probably some people would react that way if they know they are going to die...

consolewar3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

they are eating up all of the resources...not much left for AI ala Drake's Fortune, not to mention how hard programming AI can be. It's gonna be one the cheapest A.I ever. Oh well maybe next gen we'll get everything right.

It's cool tho

Hippofanboy3939d ago

Yes, ai sucks. But I've noticed that: THOSE ENEMIES LOOK LIKE NECTAR TROOPS!!! Yknow: Haze? Free Radical PS3 exclusive game?

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The story is too old to be commented.