Industry Vet Richard Browne Supports Anti-Used Game Systems

"In a recent article for GamesIndustry International, 20-year industry veteran Richard Browne has stated that he would “hope and would actively encourage Microsoft and Sony to embrace [prohibiting used games] and put an end to this”. I [Kafe] would encourage you to read the article first, as his argument is at least interesting, and there is some healthy discussion by members of the industry/community in the comments. To summarize, he gives a number of reasons why the trade of used games is hurting the industry, including the death of single player gaming, and lack of variety in the industry. Basically, he says that the industry implements multiplayer gameplay and stops taking risks in order to prevent the resell of games, among other arguments. As many of you probably imagine, I [Kafe] disagree with his premise, and I [Kafe] strongly disagree with his solution."

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StanSmith2383d ago

He supports anti-used game systems.

I and many other gamers support the idea of NOT releasing games until they are ready and have been properly tested.

I and many other gamers want this DLC milking to stop, with all this locked on disc content crap.

Does the industry support our wants? Like hell do they! These anti-used supporters can screw themselves until they start supporting gamers better!

wicko2383d ago

"I and many other gamers want this DLC milking to stop, with all this locked on disc content crap. "

This is exactly what he brought up as the cost of used games, so maybe you should read what he said since your opinion and his have some similarities?

StanSmith2382d ago

I did read it. It's got nothing to do with used games. That's just an excuse. It's a damn money grab pure and simple.

If Rockstar can release DLC priced at £7.99 for GTA that added a 7 hour campaign to the game, and a 6 hour campaign for Red Dead at the same price, then where the hell do other developers get off charging the same amounts for an extra level? A single level?

As crap as Operation Raccoon City is, where do Capcom get off charging £40 and then charging even more for the other half of the game's campaign? It's the same with Street fighter, charging £10 for characters and costumes.

It's greed. Pure and simple. I can understand how used games may hurt smaller developers, but it's laughable that EA, Activision, Capcom etc are hurt by them.

wicko2382d ago

I can't really agree with your sentiment, only because it seems you're lumping in publishers with developers. Developers don't usually have a choice when it comes to things like these.

Also I think you are mistaken about the larger developers being damaged by used sales - it's not so much that the publisher is losing money that's the problem, it's that the smaller projects they might have published that are damaged. They might end up with a smaller budget because it's more risky, or dropped entirely.

Yeah, publishers pull some stupid shit with DLC and many other things, but things aren't so black and white.

There's a lot of stuff behind the scenes that the general public doesn't know about, and even those in the industry don't know about, that can turn what might be a clear and correct stance on a topic into something more complicated. You're lumping the entire gaming industry into a single group with one opinion and I don't think that's very fair.

catfrog2382d ago

im all for no used sales, but i want to be able to return my game if i dont like it, or if you dont like that, let me try the game for free, and no, i dont mean your half hour demo that shows the one working part of a game, i mean i get to really try the game, two hour long demos, i want to know that im actually getting content with my game, not paying $60 for a 2 hour long campaign with multiplayer tacked on.

consumers use pre owned sales as a way to ensure theyre getting something for their money, once you can start guaranteeing that consumers will get something substantial for their money then you can start removing other systems that guarantee consumers value.