The Real Cost of Used Games

Richard Browne, "The real cost of used games is the damage that is being wrought on the creativity and variety of games available to the consumer, and it's directly a result of these practices. Developers and publishers alike now spend many hours working on constructs, systems and game design elements to try and eliminate the churn of a game.

Whether this be online passes, copious amounts of DLC, or gating mechanisms, one thing is for sure - it doesn't benefit the consumer. Do I really want to have to type in a token code when I buy a game? No, you've just added annoyance and friction to my experience. But more to the point - do I really want talented studios spending their time designing and implementing this rather than polishing the game? No, I really don't. But there's a much bigger, much more expensive way of trying to stop churn and it's the one that everyone has flooded to."

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Wumbo2433d ago

With companies such as capcom and EA exercising such practices, its no wonder the cost of used games are changing so drastically. We as a community of gamers have to know when to stand up and say "enough is enough"

SilentNegotiator2432d ago

If publishers eliminate used sales, the value of games instantly drops. And if they do, they darn well better cut prices.

You're going to suddenly sell me something that has no value in anyway except for myself first hand? Then cut the price. $30. Maybe $40 if it's a massive AAA title.

I can't remember the last time I sold a game or bought used a game I could get new, but it's the principle of the thing.

TheFurryPanda2432d ago

agreed. I wouldn't mind buying new games digitally if they were 30-40 bucks.

1Victor2433d ago

I agree with the writer 1 billion % sales of used games are a cancer to the videogame industry. I know someone will disagree with me but its my opinion and my point of view .

Bimkoblerutso2432d ago

Gamestop is cancer, yes. But contrary to popular belief, eliminating "used game sales" does not just eliminate eliminates any resale WHATSOEVER in the industry. That means no ebay, no craigslist, not even any lending and borrowing.

How flippin gullible do people have to be to believe that these publishers are doing this for the good of the industry? How many times do they have to take content out of finished products and release it as day one DLC? How high does the price of their games have to get? How many respectable developers do they have to buy up and run into the ground?

Seriously, what do publishers have to do before people realize that publishers have no problem raping consumers into submission?

2pacalypsenow2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

the only thing i care about is how much i'm paying for it. Big developers make enough money from other people who buy new and DLC . And the Indi devs sell games online so they dont loose sales

turgore2433d ago

Devs/publishers whining about used games deserve to have their work PIRATED. And besides, theres no one stopping them from selling their own games used.

Morgue2433d ago

People are still complaining about this?

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The story is too old to be commented.