E3 2012 Press Conference Schedule

GI: E3 is all about game announcements, and this year won't be any different.

Over the next month we'll be rounding up when companies will host their annual keynotes and place them here. This story will be updated as we get them in.

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ZeroG192405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Nintendo>>Sony>>Mi crosoft

NukaCola2405d ago

Nintendo has let the cat our of the bag, its all about showing us the Wii U now. Also the next year of 3DS titles.

Sony has the future of Vita firmware and games and maybe a PS4?

Microsoft has the biggest opportunity to come out of the box since they have pretty much closed out all their franchises except Halo which will probably be their highlight and the next COD. We expect a 720 but who knows?

lover20122405d ago

gotta agree with you there
sony will bring new ips and will show new games for the vita and gamplay from the last of us
gameplay for the last gaurdian
a trailer for God Of War IV

MS will show halo 4 gameplay
and maybe will say something about 720
and that's about it

and i agree about Nintendo too

when will it start ???

Felinox2405d ago

I think Microsoft will have two plans. One with next box if sony shows ps4 and one without if sony doesnt.

Minato-Namikaze2405d ago

sony usually goes last. Microsoft usually goes 1st

Felinox2405d ago

Yeah i know however i dont believe this is set in stone. It would be in MS intrest to go last. While everyone wants next gen announcements MS is making so much money with current gen that a new harware announcement would detract from that.

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Rainstorm812405d ago

I doubt it will happen but can we find out about Rockstar's Agent....because in my book that game is about to be put in the Vaporware category

Plagasx2405d ago

MS press starts. Half-Life 3 gets announced.


Commence the jizzing of the pants.