F-Zero Might Find Home on Wii U


The last console-based F-Zero game was released for the GameCube in August of 2003. (F-Zero GP Legend arrived on the GBA about a year later.) For those of you doing the math, that's almost a decade - a decade without one of Nintendo's more iconic and notable franchises.

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Emilio_Estevez2381d ago

Used to love F-Zero on the SNES!

Snookies122381d ago

Hell yes man, and F-Zero GX on Gamecube was one of the greatest games I have memories playing! Seeing that game in HD with the high speeds, crazy courses, and amazing backgrounds would just... Blow my mind...

I honestly said, if Nintendo announces a new F-Zero, THAT will get me to buy their console. As much as I freaking love Zelda, Metroid, Mario, etc. A new F-Zero would do it for me, simply because of all the awesome memories of multiplayer on that game.

morkendo232380d ago

If Nintendo dev. new CONTRA, GRADIUS,R-TYPE SHOOTER,METROID,MARIO some sidescrolling games
I would buy wii-U.....

bring back SNES days.

ChickeyCantor2380d ago

Contra, Gradius = Konami.
R-Type = Irem.

It's not up to Nintendo unless they ask for a request.

There is Gradius-Rebirth, Castlevania-Rebirth, Contra-rebirth.

All Wii-Ware titles. Should be downloadable for Wii-U as well.

dark-hollow2381d ago

Hell yeah for this one!

This and earthbound would make my day if they found their place on the wii u

PopRocks3592380d ago

Throw some Star Fox into the mix and it's a day 1 purchase for me.

LX-General-Kaos2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

F-Zero is one of the greatest if not the greatest futuristic racing titles ever developed. I still play F-Zero GX on my Nintendo Gamecube entertainment system to this very day. The replay value is endless, and I have never hovered across so many excellent well done hand crafted courses in my Nintendo career. I cannot wait for a next generation future release of this title.

F-Zero next gen has a high probability of featuring online play on the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system, or the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Either platform is fine by me. Day one purchase. This series has yet to let me down, and likely never will.

Nintendo back cataloged games such as F-Zero and many others is just a simple reminder of how many AAA quality exclusive titles Nintendo can pull out of the hat at any given moment. With a possible F-Zero, Mario Kart, and Concept Grand Prix, Nintendo platforms may very well become the number one pit stop to get your racing fix.

All of this AAA quality high speed greatness can be found only on Nintendo platforms.

Rated E For Everyone

Hisiru2380d ago

Come on man, stop using drugs.

And what's up with the "Rated E for everyone"?

DrPepper2380d ago

why do you keep saying Rated E For Everyone like c'mon its starting become redundant already.

V0LT2380d ago

Back when games were games... ahhh..

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