Edge Feature: Street Fighter IV Unwrapped

The first thing I thought about," says Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter IV, "was that I wanted to go back to Street Fighter II." That's a bold statement in the context of big game franchises, which despite their frequent lack of innovation are often all too eager to pay lip service to the same. It's also a problem. Where do you begin reimagining a game that not only defined a genre, but to many minds hasn't yet been bettered?.

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predator3989d ago

cant wait for this game.

midgard2293989d ago

it looks and plays way to much like sf2 and after playing guilty gear i cant go back to that, heck even after 3rd strike i cant, why the heck wud they remove parry?? why is it so slow? and all they do is throw the same moves at each other like sf2, not good capcom....and besides the gameplay,....those graphics are hideous

boi3989d ago

I prefer it old style...Brings back so many memories...

Keep the classic gameplay and the graphic for this is good to me, I see no problem with this at all...

All my cousins seems to be liking the way this is turning out aswell (all SF maniacs, the classic SF's)

Can't wait

btw I didn't press disagree lol

Enigma_20993989d ago

I was looking forward to this at first, but then I was reminded of what happened to an innovative segment of Capcom called Clover... and now I can't look at this game without being pissed off. Screw innovation, let's repackage Street Fighter again...

neogeo3989d ago

It looks better and faster then ever!
I will blow a load just playing this game I know it!

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