Resident Evil 6 AI so good you wont be able to tell the difference

Huge claims from Resident Evil 6's Executive Producer Hiroyuki Kobyashi and Director Eiichiro Sasaki who are bold enough to tout the game's new drop in and drop out system and comment on the improved AI.

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RaidensRising2384d ago

I'll believe it when I see it...

bunt-custardly2384d ago

Sounds like a lot of hype to me. No AI is that good really. I'd like to believe they can pull off something special but I think AI lacks the diversity and reactive qualities of a human player.

Gearshead752384d ago

As much as I love Kobyashi he is more like a politican than anything else...promising so much and delievering below expectations (at least mine). Mostly I was disappointed with DMC4 and Killer 7, but I'm hoping for better things with RE6 and Dragon's Dogma.

Pozzle2384d ago

Didn't Kobiyashi say the same about Resident Evil 5? In fact, didn't Capcom say a lot of things about RE5 that never ended up happening? What ever happened to there being overwhelming numbers of enemies on screen at one time? What ever happened to the realistic lighting that was supposed to blind the player as Chris's eyes adjusted to lighting changes? What ever happened to the mirages that were meant to disorient the player when they were in bright areas? What ever happened to the realistic enemy movements that were supposed to make the NPCs indistinguishable from real people? What ever happened to the "revolutionary" controls that were always being hyped? They're only a handful of things I remember from the RE5 hype train...but there are probably more.

Lucretia2384d ago

well about the overwhelming amount of zombies thing....when the first trailer launched it had it cuz it was running on the ps3, then the 360 version got announced and the number dropped like crazy, then the PC version came with a ton of zombies.

sooo yeaaaah

VanillaBear2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Actually all of that stuff was before they decided to change the game and add co-op. The reason for that is because it relates mostly to the RE4.5 concept art. Funny how much co-op ruined RE5, it could of been amazing.

Raider692384d ago

Kobyashi had nothing to do with Killer 7 lol!That was SUDA!It better have better AI than Sheva on RE5,it really suck ass that AI companion!

Gearshead752377d ago

He was the producer for Killer 7, SUDA was the designer. Check your facts home slice

jon12342384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Haha fat chance!

tigertron2384d ago

Aslong as they don't copy and paste the enemies' behaviour from RE4 like they did in RE5 then I'll be satisfied.

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The story is too old to be commented.