Games Only Podcast 32 – Devil May Cry HD, Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Update

Rich writes:

"Games Only Podcast is a podcast about games and only games. Come join your hosts Sunflower, hp1703, and Locke Vincent this week:

–DMC HD is talked about. Never played Devil May Cry? Find out if you should. The Devil May Cry series is an important series to the evolution of combat games, spawning many knock-offs and excellent titles. Does it still hold up? With 99 achievements spanning three games, is this an incredible deal, or a dud?

–What is it about Mass Effect 3′s multiplayer that keeps people coming back? The achievements are done, the stages have been beaten…so why are we still playing it? Is it because we can play as a Salarian? Does controlling a Krogan change everything?

–Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is $20 this week. hp tried it. $20 well spent, or a tired retread? Find out."

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