The Most Forgettable Call of Duty Characters

*Spoiler Alert (Does not give away core parts of story)*Call of Duty has been one of the biggest video games for years. It has presented players with stellar multiplayer as well as a memorable storyline with unforgettable characters. With all of the work that had been put into the game so many people fell in love with the franchise. Over the years not much has been mentioned that is actually wrong with the game. Call of Duty has become a household name along with some of the protagonists and enemies. With that said there are a few characters that seemed to have been left in the dust. We all know Soap, Ghost, Price and Woods; we know Makarov and Shepherd in the center of them all which Call of Duty characters tend to be most forgotten?

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TheSuperior 2407d ago

there was a burns?!? lol shows how much i pay attention. My favorite COD characters are for sure Soap, Ghost and Paul Jackson.Him in COD 4 was just somthing i had never seen on a game before!Back then it was suprising and exciting (not giving away any sopilers for those who havent beat COD 4)

S_C2407d ago

MW3 THE most forgettable COD game - awful

TheSuperior 2407d ago

Sadly i agree. Love COD 4 and MW2 but MW3 was a turn for the wrose :/

abombletap2407d ago

I never cared for any Cod characters. Only online matters.

TheSuperior 2407d ago

Well i love online and single player :P its a well rounded game.

AusRogo2407d ago

Really? The only reason I continued playing the modern warfares after cod 4 was to see the story to the end. And spec ops. Dont like the online much.

Majin-vegeta2407d ago

The only COD characters i cared for were the original team on COD 4.Soap,Gaz,Price, etc.


I'm not a CoD fans so I guess you could say the all of them are forgetable for me :(

Deputydon2407d ago

I've played all but MW3, and I haven't cared about the characters since it left WW2. I loved MW1's single player, but the storyline itself was nothing special, nor were the characters. It was really just the situations they put you in that made the game so good. I've just never thought of CoD as having a great storyline, sorry to disappoint.

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