Casus Belli is a BF2 inspired mod for Crysis Wars; update 1.1 released and fixes crashes issues

DSOGaming writes: "Although Casus Belli is a First Person Shooter game, it involves some Role Playing games concept that make it unique. A new background with more than 250 new assets (buildings, vehicles, objects, etc.), tens of new maps, music composed by a professional composer and played by a true professional orchestra Half-way between Battlefield and Modern Warfare 2, the absence of Crysis nanosuit, Advance and Secure game mode, classes (assault, medic, recon, sniper etc.), and squads (spawn on the group leader)."

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Hazmat132383d ago

i like this setting building being over taken by nature there is some beauty to it. we need more maps like this in every game.i still want to go to Pripyat.