Australian retailers stand by HD-DVD

The Sydney Morning Herald - Asher Moses, January 8, 2008:

Australian retailers said Warner Bros studio's decision to ditch HD DVD gave Blu-ray a commanding lead in the next-gen disc format wars, but they would continue to stock both formats as long as there was consumer demand.

Harvey Norman marketing manager Ross Morgan, while attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, advised consumers to hedge their bets by purchasing a combination player capable of playing both HD DVD and Blu-ray discs, so as to avoid being stuck with an obsolete format should circumstances change again.

Another buyer from a major Australian retail group, who was also scouting for new products at CES but wished to remain anonymous, was more cautious about declaring Blu-ray the winner.

"HD DVD isn't dead, it's still alive - just - but it's taken a big blow with the announcement from Warner Bros," he said.

"While there's still [HD DVD] content available and while there are HD DVD players available at competitive price points, it's not dead; it's just getting close."

But he said that if the remaining big studios still supporting HD DVD - Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios - chose to back Blu-ray exclusively, the format would almost certainly die.

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Darkiewonder3989d ago

during CES. that just means "Sorry, we aren't going to release anything more actually because we are following WB's footstep"

anyways. "it's not dead; it's just getting close"

What? Why would they say THAT?! lol.

TANOD3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

i saw that too. Yes that basically means that Paramount wont release anything on HD DVD anymore since they are also in the process of defecting . I think Universal might and PROBABLY WILL do the same

Darkiewonder3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Well I don't think they'll announce anything anytime soon. not withing the WB time period. so most likely any sort of movie related even that happens between May and end of 2008, expect a PR statement.

actas1233989d ago

I think Paramount is going to switch either this week or next, just keep checking n4g and u'll see

nn3989d ago

I think that is a sad decision. But I have to understand them. They have to sell their stock.

Shaka2K63989d ago

More content is being released on UMD then H DVDead.

UMD > H DVDead.

mighty_douche3989d ago

Well Austalians are generally slightly behind the rest of the world with Tech.

I imagine a different opinion once they shift all the surplus HD_DVD players they have in stock.

Figboy3989d ago

i mean, *WHY would consumers want to watch movies from Fox, Sony, MGM, Columbia, Disney, New Line, Warner Bros, Pixar, Tri Star...

when they could watch movies from Universal and, um, er, Paramount?

*rolls eyes*

they are *REALLY in denial.

it would take quite the hail Mary for HD DVD to get out of the grave it is in. a grave which is slowly but surely filling with dirt.

the final nail is already in the coffin, HD DVD is just waiting to be buried.

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The story is too old to be commented.