Gearbox already "considering" Borderlands 2 DLC

The statement on says: "The Mechromancer will be an all-new playable character that we plan to develop after work on Borderlands 2 is finished and the game is in certification." It also mentions a compatibility update so that people who get the DLC can play with those who don't, and cites a possible release 60 - 90 days after the game's launch."

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TheModernKamikaze2382d ago

I liked General Knoxx Dlc and Robot revolution.

wAnxTa2382d ago

In this world, it'd be weird if the developer is NOT "considering" DLC before the game has even gone through production.

NYC_Gamer2382d ago

The game isn't even released and dlc is on the mind

ElementX2382d ago

It's a good thing that developers think in advance, instead of tacking on some bogus dlc later on.

vortis2381d ago

Yeah because Gamers forbid that they ship the game without game-breaking bugs or Black Screens of Death before tackling DLC.

Kostchtchie2382d ago

oh well, all dlc is OPTIONAL anyway, the first one with its dlc was really good, so if 2 lives up to the first i will most likely buy the dlc also