Dragon Ball Z Kinect Press Release, First Screenshots

Namco Bandai Games America has put out a press release along with screenshots confirming the game.

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tayz2473d ago

i might get a 360 for this if it doesnt suck.

Lucretia2473d ago

u obviously never have played a kinect game. If all the dbz games without kinect sucked why would it be better with? lol

want a good dbz game? go play budokai 3 or tenkaichi 3

tayz2473d ago

i got tenkaichi 3, thats the beast game!

MaxXAttaxX2470d ago

True. Budokai 3 and Tenkaichi 2/3 were my favorites.

Besides, I remember playing and pretending to be Goku as a kid.

Kinect DBZ doesn't aim to be a good game, but it aims for kinds 10 and under.

CarlitoBrigante2473d ago

Another franchise thatll be ruined by Kinect. Seriously, outside doing Kamehameha what else do you have in mind doing in front of your TV? Punching in the air like a fool?

TheSuperior 2473d ago

How exciting. Huge fan of Dragon Ball Z and i never even heard of this. Thank god i bought a Kinect. I was begining to think all it was going to offer me was dance games x) lol

Baka-akaB2473d ago

ehhh i wouldnt be so quick ... there could still be a ginyu squad dance minigame

torchic2473d ago


lol I totally imagined a "fusion" minigame where you and a friend can practice the fusion technique ahaha

CaptainSheep2473d ago

If there's a Naruto Kinect game, I'll get a Xbox 360 with Kinect. ^_^

Lucretia2473d ago

thats very sad....because its gonna suck bad if it happened. it would be on rails, how would that be good

LOL_WUT2473d ago

First Star Wars and now DBZ?

I'm sure this would also have a dance mode.

mcgrottys2473d ago

anyone notice the sides? It resembles dance central... Please tell me I'm crazy because I don't want all the moves preset...

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The story is too old to be commented.