I haven’t played my PS Vita in weeks; am I alone?

Button Combo writes: I love my PlayStation Vita, the system has impressed me from day one and even after barely playing it in the last month I still see the value of purchasing it, but shouldn’t I be playing it? It’s been out for almost two months (EU, US) and I remember with previous devices at this time in the product’s lifecycle I would still be in that wonderful “honeymoon” period, sometimes even leading me to buy thoroughly sub-par games just to get to play them on the machine in question.

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ashbc2406d ago

I cannot even remember the last time I played mine either.

Final Fantasy X remake will definitely sort that issue out though!

Abash2406d ago

I know I'll be play mine when Resistance: Burning Skies and MK Vita launch next month

ABizzel12406d ago

I'm not having that problem. I guess that comes with the new console syndrome. There are many good game you could be playing, but it seems like Uncharted was the only game you cared about.

Uncharted was my go to game, but I made sure I played it last so I could get enjoy all the games I bought (buy 2 get 1 free Day 1 sale). So I've been busy playing my Vita, but I also have a PS3, 360 (other consoles as well) that I've been playing so I haven't had the need to just rush through my Vita games.

HarvesterOSarow2406d ago

I also purchased games when Amazon did their most recent buy 2 get 1 free. Before that, there was a week or two where I didn't touch my Vita after Elite Passing all the levels in Wipeout 2048, beating (and loving) Tales From Space, and beating Escape Plan. Now that I have Ninja Gaiden (I know it's a enhanced port, but I never beat black on xbox), Rayman Origins, which is absolutely amazing on the vita, and Uncharted I've spent more time with my new handheld than any other system in the last 2 months. BTW those three recent games only cost me $80.

gaffyh2406d ago

I play mine every day usually, it just depends on whether you chose the right games at launch. WipeOut and Rayman Origins have a lot of gameplay and replay value in them especially.

xflo3602406d ago

Yeah once resistance and gravity rush are released you wont be able to get me off my vita.

SilentNegotiator2406d ago

I haven't touched my ____ in weeks.

Boom. There; 6 or something more hits-erific articles for ya.

phantomexe2406d ago

i'll amite since i plated uncharted i havent picked it up.I wish vita trophys showed up on ur ps3. Does anyone know if there going add that?

TENTONGUN2406d ago

yeah man im waiting for mk, having never played it yet.

sikbeta2406d ago

Better not saying anything "bad" (aka pointing out the problems of the system) to lose another bubble, BUT... it needs more games ASAP!

da_2pacalypse2406d ago

I want some exclusives... not just some side stories like resistance. Come on Sony!!!

ABizzel12406d ago

People also seem to forget that you can play PSP game on the Vita, and I'm sure there are some great PSP titles that you may have missed out on. So scroll through those titles and find something to play.

I wish they would make all PSP, PS1, PS2, and PSN game playable on Vita, but that's for another E3 I guess.

firefoxprime2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

C'mon now Vita fans...! Support your system! I haven't purchased one yet, since my gaming time has been so small due to work, so it'd be a waste of cash, but you gotta support your console...

I do have a 3DS, but I mainly use it for netflix. Same goes for my PS3. Yup. I'm a loser >:P

NukaCola2406d ago

I play mine all the time. Its my pick up and play system. I love motor storm rc mostly for it;s easy pick up and play. I dont stayed glued to a handheld anyway. I put a lot of time into Uncharted but its not my dedicated gaming device, it's my one the go machine. When LBP and Resistance comes out I'll dive back into it, and Gravity Daze. I am even like that on PS3. there were time I beat everything and was caught up so I didnt really play as many games. Watched more movies, etc.

I havent touched my 3DS in ages. Other than Mario 3D in the last month.

mcstorm2405d ago

NukaCola Im the same as you. I got MNR and Little Deviants with my PSV. I have to say I loved MNR at 1st but it soon starts to ware off as there is no PSN MP which I think for this game is a must. Little Deviants is a fun pickup and play game which I play for a little while every day and I also got MS RC Super Star dust and Escape Plan which are all good for pickup and play games. I have just ordered Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Ridge Racer which should keep me going back to the console for a few months now. I cant wait for a LBP game to be on this console though.

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NeoBasch2406d ago

I'm still trying to finish Uncharted, but that's pretty much it. For some reason, I'm not really getting into Golden Abyss. I thoroughly enjoyed the last three, but this one just doesn't hold a candle to any of 'em (IMO). Still, the hardware's nice and I like watching my videos on it and playing old PSP games. With a job this summer, I'm looking to buy even more digital games.

It's a nice piece of tech with a lack of software... as to be expected out of just about every launch in existence (includes PS3, 3DS, DS, PSP, X360, etc... at least the Wii had Twilight Princess). I'm sure just like all the systems mentioned above, that will quickly turn around in the coming months. I'm looking forward to Gravity Rush, Persona 4: The Golden, and Final Fantasy X the most.

ABizzel12406d ago

IMO it's the controls. The Vita does well, but it's not the same as a Dual Shock 3 in your hands, also the production values while high for most games (even console) just aren't up to what the previous Uncharted's offered. It's up there with Drake's Fortune (UC1), but after playing 2 & 3 it's a bit beneath them, but still a great game.

chazjamie2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

you should get rayman. i play it every day. I am about 40 hours in and i havent finished it yet. I am getting marvel vs capcom soon. I am deliberately choosing games with length and basically no end. I havent bothered with uncharted though, after that POS third game, I am really put off with the series (i am done with that).

badz1492405d ago

for those haven't gotten the console version, this definitely deserve a purchase! on consoles, some may feel it doesn't deserve the $60 pricetag being a side-scroller as it is, but on Vita, it truly shines! I've finished all the levels already and 2 more trophies to Platinum! boy what a ride with Rayman! the levels are very well designed and with some nifty touch-enable feature as well as NEAR, it feels right at home on Vita! for those who seek for fun (and sometimes frustrating) challenge, try to Platinum Rayman Origins! worth every penny!

my only gripe at the moment is the 1 Vita 1 account thing! Many games are not yet available locally here and I wanted to play imported games like Unit 13 but can't access the online portion due to online pass not redeemable on my local store!! damn it Sony, please allow for multiple account! you're missing game sales here!

Hisiru2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Well, I played mine 3 days ago (Uncharted Golden Abyss). The real problem is that I live in Brazil, and the games here are R$130,00 or more, it's very expensive and I will have to wait in order to buy another game.

Can't wait for Gravity Rush

PS Vita is a nice piece of tech, very beautiful design and I like it, but the lack of software for the system and expensive games (in Brazil) is making me play my PS3 and 3DS.

Can you imagine our situation? We pay R$160,00 for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 on PS3, it's impossible to pay more R$120,00 for UMxC3 on Vita!

Well, it's a portable game, so it's more simple, but it's still a nice game.

Jake_the_Dog2406d ago

Damn, those prices are murder.

SandWitch2406d ago

Playing mine like everyday.

I've completed Golden Abyss, now I'm playing Wipeout 2048, MotorStorm RC and Mutant Blobs. I really like all of them and I'm fully satisfied with the system and its games.

Slapshot822406d ago

Right there with you. So many of the games are getting quickly overlooked when they're fantastic: WipEout 2048, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Dynasty Warriors NEXT, MotorStorm RC,etc. I've played my Vita everyday since its release.

Ult iMate2406d ago

Me too. Playing every day. Finished Uncharted in a week with all coolectibles (except black marken ones). Finished Mutant Blob and Motorstorm.
Now playing Rayman and Unit 13.
But cannot decide between WipEout and Mod Nation. I think, I'll buy them both next month.

andibandit2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Me too, i quit my day job so I could play the Vita all day. Anyone saying the Vita lacks game just needs to Learn How to Play. Im on my 7th playthrough of Wipeout 2048, that game has alot of replay value in it.
Good work Sony, I know i can always depend on you, you are the best.

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rezzah2406d ago

Because someone else didn't use their Vita in weeks?

Or are you the same person from another dimension?

turgore2406d ago

Isn't FFX also gonna be on PS3 ?

kreate2406d ago

Ill play for u. Hook it up.

Laika2406d ago

i play mine everyday usually. loving it.

K3nji2406d ago

I was about to say the same thing, the back catalogue of PSP games i never got to play, are definitely helping kill time before the Vita games start to roll out. =)
I did just buy Rayman as well...such a gorgeous looking game! =|

Knushwood Butt2406d ago

I can remember!

This morning I was playing Motorstorm RC and Unit 13.

Arnon2405d ago

I honestly haven't touched mine that much recently, either. I'm waiting for more games, though, and it's murder...

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
Phantasy Star Online 2
Monster Hunter
Gravity Rush
Persona 4

TBM2405d ago

i know i'm not having that issue i play mine everyday whether its units 13, UGA, the Show, MS rc, Tactic Orges or netflix.

im not like most of those who needs a game it seems every minute. i can make due waiting for the next game i want with want i have at present.

OhMyGandhi2405d ago

I haven't even picked up a Vita, but can that it's the main reason why I don't buy ANY console the day it comes out anymore.

Portables especially, even though the technology is great, there is a certain immediate buyer's remorse that sets in when there aren't enough games to choose from out the gate.

Then again, I bought both a 360/PS3 launch day and both have RROD, YLOD on me at some point after their warranty, so I am weary of first iterations of consoles. It's also nice to wait it out at least a year and have a good library to pick and choose from.

Unfortunately, even a good handful of amazing games can't save the feeling of impulsive buying; I still have my old first gen psp and haven't touched it in who know how long. If I'm at home(I suppose I'm fortunate enough to not ride a bus or have long commutes in any way shape or form) I'll play PC, or 360/PS3, I simply don't have a need for portable gaming right now.

Then again, there are those who are always on the go, and like a damned good book, can and will blast through an entire experience within a day or two and then sit around and tap their fingers, waiting for more.

I suppose people need to pad out their experiences more often, hence the ever rising demand of games lasting longer than 30 hours or so.

I'll think about picking a vita up in the nearby future, but I'd feel a hell of alot better about my purchase when developers get past the gimmicks/selling points and start pushing their most anticipated titles.

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remanutd552406d ago

yes you are lol , i've been creating tracks on modnation racers road trip, i'm playing bakuki's lair on escape plan, wipeout 2048 6 online challenge and uncharted golden abyss crushing mode

remanutd552406d ago

not really, competitive player... you bet

Machioto2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Really," bakuki lair" is game? I was trying to stress bakuki because it sounds like bukkake .

remanutd552406d ago

at Machioto no Bakuki's Lair is a free level pack that adds 19 new puzzles to Escape Plan

Hisiru2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

What can you say about Modnation Racers? I want to buy it but it seems to be an easy game. Can you confirm that?

remanutd552406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Its my favorite ps vita game so far , its fairly beginners friendly , not easy though , the handling of the cars is the best on the series, creating stuff is pretty easy and fun , i would totally recommend it to you, it only needs wheel to wheel online multiplayer and it would be almost perfect lol

edit: if you want to unlock the bonus tour then it could get complicated and frustrating at times lol

Soldierone2406d ago

Got any tips on how to get your tracks and what not noticed? I found that Spawn guy on the download list so I made him a car and its not getting any attraction at all.

Splooshington2406d ago

I'm glad most people are accessing the Vita situation with a level head. I had my fill of doom and gloom articles with the 3DS.

himdeel2406d ago

I am still plucking away through Uncharted. All the extras to do are cool in the exploration for treasures and photos for treasures. I'm thoroughly enjoying the Uncharted experience on this device and I'm amazed at how gorgeous it looks every time I boot it up.

I've also spent even more time playing the PSP game Lunar Silver Star Harmony. I'm one of those people that never bought a PSP so now to have a lot of RPGs to play and PSP games I never got to try which is taking of most of my Vita time. I look at it as having more options but it sucks that of the 5 games I own on Vita 4 of them are PSP games.

Also I'm waiting patiently for PSOne games to begin working and for the minis via PS+ to be fixed. The only game I really want to play on Vita right now is Gravity Rush. My only true complaint about the Vita is just the proprietary memory cards. Worst part about owning the damn thing is I got a small card to hold me over and already know I need to buy a 32 gig.

THC CELL2406d ago

I'm playing mine too much and to number one up there u never played in then first place