GamerNode | Borderlands 2 Hands-On Preview

GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "New vault hunters, new villain, new classes, new monsters to kill, and a whole hell of a lot of new guns: this is what Borderlands 2 aims to bring to the table by expanding upon its highly successful predecessor, and I’ll be damned if the title isn’t shaping up to be exactly that. Not much of the core combat has been changed from the original, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t crazy entertaining to shoot up everything Pandora and antagonist Handsome Jack have to throw at you..."

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italianbreadman2975d ago

Very excited to play Borderlands 2. The first definitely found a niche that felt natural and comfortable. The combination of shooter and quest-based RPG is a good one, fo sho.


sphinct2975d ago

Stoked to get back in the Borderlands universe. Loved the first installment.

BigManFanelli2975d ago

I just hope the game makes good on the 87 gajillion guns promise. One of my favorite things in the first game was the crazy gun variety.

italianbreadman2975d ago

Does that come before or after "gazillion"?

BigManFanelli2975d ago

I think after, unless you mean alphabetically.