The Ending of Artistic Value: Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

theBitFix writes: What ramifications, if any, does BioWare and EA's choice to not stand behind their creative decisions have?

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NYC_Gamer2383d ago

What change?the endings are still the same just now with added cutscenes...

shanesgc2383d ago

The point isn't that they "changed" how it ended. It's that they didn't stand being their artistic values.

Godmars2902383d ago

Except they had no artistic values to stand on in the first place.

Redempteur2383d ago

How about keeping their promises ??


ANOTHER "Artistic Values" argument? Really? We need more of these?

Gamers had every right to demand it. They were told bold faced lies by the team marketing their product. There is no getting around that fact. People can try and call it puffery, and I'll say that word doesn't meant they think it does.

The artistic vision argument is meaningless when they have done things that would get them slapped with false advertising in any other media. If they were *anything* other than a game developer we'd be watching court proceedings right now.

SilentNegotiator2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

I guess "artistic value" died a long time ago, since this is hardly the first time user-feedback lead to a change in a game (including story).

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Ethereal2383d ago

THEY ARE NOT CHANGING IT! read people......

Mythicninja2383d ago

"[The presence of the Rachni] has huge consequences in Mass Effect 3. Even just in the final battle with the Reapers."

Interview with Mac Walters (Lead Writer) []

"There are many different endings. We wouldn’t do it any other way. How could you go through all three campaigns playing as your Shepard and then be forced into a bespoke ending that everyone gets? But I can’t say any more than that…"

Interview with Mike Gamble (Associate Producer) []

"Every decision you've made will impact how things go. The player's also the architect of what happens."

Whether you're happy or angry at the ending, know this: it is an ending. BioWare will not do a "Lost" and leave fans with more questions than answers after finishing the game, Gamble

"Mass Effect 3 is all about answering all the biggest questions in the lore, learning about the mysteries and the Protheans and the Reapers, being able to decide for yourself how all of these things come to an end."

Interviewer: [Regarding the numerous possible endings of Mass Effect 2] "Is that same type of complexity built into the ending of Mass Effect 3?"

Hudson: "Yeah, and I’d say much more so, because we have the ability to build the endings out in a way that we don’t have to worry about eventually tying them back together somewhere. This story arc is coming to an end with this game. That means the endings can be a lot more different. At this point we’re taking into account so many decisions that you’ve made as a player and reflecting a lot of that stuff. It’s not even in any way like the traditional game endings, where you can say how many endings there are or whether you got ending A, B, or C.....The endings have a lot more sophistication and variety in them."

"We have a rule in our franchise that there is no canon. You as a player decide what your story is."

Mike Gamble (Associate Producer) []

Mass Effect 3 will shake up the player's moral choices more than ever before, even going so far as allowing the Reapers to win the battle for Earth, according to BioWare's community representative Mike Gamble.

Mike Gamble (Associate Producer) []

"Of course you don’t have to play multiplayer, you can choose to play all the side-quests in single-player and do all that stuff you’ll still get all the same endings and same information, it’s just a totally different way of playing"

Casey Hudson (Director) []

"The whole idea of Mass Effect3 is resolving all of the biggest questions, about the Protheons and the Reapers, and being in the driver's seat to end the galaxy and all of these big plot lines, to decide what civilizations are going to live or die: All of these things are answered in Mass Effect 3."

Casey Hudson (Director) [ ]

"There is a huge set of consequences that start stacking up as you approach the end-game. And even in terms of the ending itself, it continues to break down to some very large decisions. So it's not like a classic game ending where everything is linear and you make a choice between a few things - it really does layer in many, many different choices, up to the final moments, where it's going to be different for everyone who plays it."

SilentNegotiator2382d ago


There are still lots of fanboys proclaiming that they didn't make any promises to us, when they clearly did.

"Bu bu but gamers are being spoiled and entitledz!! They didn't promise us nothin! We aren't owed anyting!!"

Hicken2382d ago

Bubbles, dude. Finally somebody lays it all out there.

Do people really think, after all that, that folks should be happy with the same ending in three different colors?


s45gr322382d ago

well congrats to all the gamers that fought against EA/Bioware and knowing that at least they have decided to explain and add not change but add context and really differieate the ending according to your shepard. Hopefully is free and screw all those gamers that defended ea and bioware's ending.

mrdeli2382d ago

When novelists do what Bioware did, it's called breaking the unspoken contract. The novel builds and builds, and then at the end, some sort of McGuffin or crazy new twist is inserted at the very end that goes against everything that has come before, ruining the book for the reader.

Bioware is even worse, as their marketing team have been hyping this since 2007.

My guess is that EA ripped the ending out of the game, hoping to sell it as monetized DLC.

That, or Bioware ran out of time and had to splice together a quick ending, the more mysterious the better.

Indocrination cues are rife. Indocrination plays a huge role in ME 1 and ME 2. It's conspicuously out of ME 3 narrative.

Harbinger is silent in Mass Effect 3. This would be like Darth Vader only doing a cameo in Return of the Jedi in a non-speaking role.

Things like your squad being back on Normandy, it's obvious that something has happened that the user is not shown.