Xbox Live Diamond No Longer a Free Service

Xbox Live Diamond isn't another tier level of Xbox Live like Gold and Silver; the Diamond program was basically a card you got for being an Xbox Live Gold member that entitled you to use coupons to various places. Most people would argue it was worthless due to the number of options that were available – with the exception of Quiznos, I don't know any retailer that anyone has ever used the card at.

Well, that particular perk of Xbox Live Gold is going to be disappearing. 2008 will see the Diamond program opened up to anyone, albeit with a subscription fee of $6.95 per year attached to it.

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DJ3934d ago

If Quiznos is all it's good for, maybe they should just call it the Quiznos Discount Card. I'm a Subway person, but hey, I could give it a shot.

Prismo_Fillusion3934d ago

haha...I laughed.
Xbox Live is the new Pokemon franchise.

Gaara_7243934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

a leaf green fire redthen a peral and they will remake dimond...

AzaziL3934d ago

Too bad it's been more then a year and a half and still no Diamond card.

JsonHenry3933d ago

I never used mine. They can kiss my rear if they think I am going to pay for that POS card.

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Omegasyde3934d ago

Paying for coupons? How ironic.

jaja14343934d ago

Happens all the time. Hit up a book store and there are small cases full of coupon books.

As for paying for the card. Well I know, in San Antonio anyways, all of the high schools sell this 20$ coupon card.

So it really isn't so new far fetched idea, if the card/coupon is worth it...

Gaara_7243934d ago

could they not atleast kept one thing free?? i mean psn is free they cant even keep diomnd free?? and in my opinion psn/xbox live is the same i dont go onto the stors and stuff i just click on mulitplayer if annything psn gets games faster on cod4 finds them faster

phoenixtilt3934d ago

Oh my friend psn and XBL are so not the same....
anyone who has played on both knows that they are not the same..
I think PSN is cool dont get me wrong.. but it is no way near XBL..
PSN is like xbl for the original xbox.. not like XBL for 360

THX71683934d ago

"in my opinion psn/xbox live is the same i dont go onto the stors and stuff i just click on mulitplayer"

If you read dozzy724's comment you will notice he is talking about the multiplayer aspect. Obviously Live is different from PSN in terms of content. He has a point though. If you only consider the multiplayer it is pretty much the same thing. Only difference is that you pay $40-$60 (depending on where you purchase) to play online through Live and pay nothing to play online through PSN.

Hapimeses3934d ago

Well, I wouldn't buy into such a product, but I'm sure many will. From an external perspective, it really looks like Microsoft is milking every dollar it can out of its users, something I would feel pretty resentful of if I were involved.

Sexius Maximus3934d ago

its a good thing you're not involved. Why comment on things that don't concern you??

mighty_douche3934d ago

The comment section is a place for people to leave their opinions, whether you agree or not is irrelevant.

Hapimeses3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I felt it was a comment I felt worth adding, and that is what this section of the website is for. No matter how much some posters may try to force the issue, this isn't a site for supporters of a single system; it's a multi-platform gaming news site. As far as I can tell, this is gaming news, and I'm free to comment as I see fit within the boundaries of the site rules.

I've almost bought an XBox on several occassions, as many of my friends and family own one, but Microsoft's continuing campaign to charge for every little thing (and some other issues, as I've queried on this site in the past when I was making my decision regarding XBox in the run up to Christmas) have so far kept me away; thus, my comment. In essence, this is another nail in the lid of XBox's coffin for me, and I've not seen a decent claw hammer to pull those nails out by Microsoft for some time, which is a shame.

In short: it does concern me, as I'm a potential customer; but, even if it didn't concern me, I can comment here anyway. That is what this section of the website is for, after all: sharing your opinions on gaming news with like-minded individuals.

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