Busted - man caught playing Kinect Star Wars

Now this is the way to get the most from Kinect Star Wars as this video demonstrates.

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Grap2380d ago

I really don't want to know what did i just saw

Dlacy13g2381d ago

I honestly expected far worse from that video... wasn't as over the top as I thought it might be. We need someone dressed in full Star Wars gear... helmets, capes... fake light saber... man in Star Wars T-shirt holding poster for light saber is tame.

BattleTorn2380d ago

tbh, I thought it looked like he was having fun.

I was expecting far worse, as well.

he didn't even have a cape

KYU21302381d ago

very lame.. looked like some very bad dance choreography!!!

Gearshead752381d ago

HAHAHA!!!! To quote Yoda,"Do or do not, there is no try." Although you gave it your best I'd work on my fluidity a bit more! Jedi you may still become....

Godmars2902381d ago

Talk about the punishment fitting the crime...

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