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When we demoed Double Dragon: Neon, the representative on-hand emphasized that the game was not an HD update or a sequel to the 25-year-old classic, but a “love letter” to the original. Of course, we kind of knew that the second we realized the right thumbstick was dedicated solely to initiating high-fives.

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Emilio_Estevez2384d ago

That first paragraph makes me really excited for this.

MagneticDeath2384d ago

Played it at PAX, its awesome. Cant wait. If ur a fan of the original its a must buy.

Emilio_Estevez2384d ago

That is really good to hear :)

KrimsonKody2384d ago

I'm excited just to see Marian get new-school jabbed in her stomach.

But seriously, ever thought about how tough she is, surviving douche-size punches, being shot with an machine gun...

But yeah, this is all too exciting.
Love the DD franchise!

Streets of Rage;
You're next...