Did Namco just Backstab Dark Souls Fans?

Remember when From Software firmly stated that no DLC was being planned for Dark Souls? Coincidentally, soon after, rumors of planned DLC started to surface the web at a rapid pace. Fans who poured over 100+ hours into the game waited patiently for any new announcements regarding new content. New bosses? New areas? New weapons and armor? Fans could not contain their excitement.

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fastrez4431d ago

No, because DLC could still be announced.

Nevers4431d ago

We hope it could still be announced... is there another wall to break down somewhere though?

MAJ0R4430d ago

I know that more content would be awesome but I think they would have a hard time integrating it into the online part of the game. Would you be able to connect with someone who has the DLC and you don't?

I'm sure this is the reason why DLC wasn't made for Demon's Souls.

calibann4430d ago

Nobody 'deserves' the content more than anyone else. Console gamers have had a year to enjoy Dark Souls, PC gamer's needs are only now being gratified. Our patience has been rewarded with extra content. Extra content I hope console gamers will eventually get. In one year ;)

TopDudeMan4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

They already said they were working on DLC in january. I'm sure the "extra" content for the pc version is that DLC and we'll all get it in due time.

That being said, if it comes out any later than august I'm not buying the DLC.

Fair is fair, after all.

Skizelli4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

PC gamers have been given the shaft time and time again, and you're talking about fairness? Really? From Software doesn't owe you a damn thing. The fact that they listened to PC gamers' outcry for a port speaks volumes about this developer. Not even NetherRealm is willing to do that, despite all the requests for a PC port of MK9.

So the PC version gets new content. So what? Are you jealous or something? That's why you shouldn't limit yourself to one platform.

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Saladfax4430d ago

In response to someone asking about it, Rich Bantegui said to watch the Dark Souls facebook page.

This implies that an announcement is forthcoming regarding this very issue.

CarlitoBrigante4430d ago

They betrayed PS3 gamers, only Sony gamers supported From Software for over a decade with their games ever since the beginning of Kings Field.

Oh btw, PC gamers will pirate this and ruin the game with their stupid mods.

Krakn3Dfx4430d ago

Witcher 2 sold more copies on the PC than Dark Souls sold on the PS3, so your assertion that Dark Souls will only get pirated is pretty weak.

Also, you're the first person I've ever seen try to perpetrate mods as a bad thing. I bet if you do some yardwork and take out the trash, maybe your parents will buy you a PC to play games on!

aquamala4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

More people get to play their game, from software gets to make more money, just exactly who's hurting here?

hiredhelp4430d ago

Oh btw, PC gamers will pirate this and ruin the game with their stupid mods.

Dam there i was going to buy it, stupid mods do you have any clue at all... be very carefull or that last bubble might just get MODified.

Skizelli4430d ago

You do realize that From Software has been around since 1986, right?

As for modding/cheaters, that's what GFWL is for. If you modify any files on a GFWL title, it won't let you connect to LIVE. You also run the risk of getting banned.

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JsonHenry4430d ago

Seeing as how there is still plenty of time to release this content on the consoles I don't see why this article even exists. If they announced they WILL NOT release this content on the consoles then I can understand it. But that is not the case.

synchroscheme4430d ago

I personally thought they would take the Witcher 2 route of things. Since the Xbox 360 version is being released with an Enhanced Edition, people who already own the PC version will get the update for free.

That's just how I always expected things to work out.
Here's hoping for the best anyway.

DeadlyFire4430d ago

Game is still a way from release and its very likely content will spread to PS3/X360 versions with an announcement later.

I thought the backstab was going to be GFWL crap. DLC always moves around. Just be patient.

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NYC_Gamer4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

The announcements aren't over yet...people should just wait before getting all angry...

h311rais3r4431d ago

The only reason for this is because the pc petition actually worked. Namco will probably port over the pc content to the consoles. There wouldn't be any content if there wasn't a pc demand!

Baka-akaB4430d ago

Precisely . Either that or it was consoles dlc content they were working upon , and decided to delay to give pc version an incentive ... wich would still be good for everyone

BlackTar1874430d ago

k dude
you think consoles are only getting DLC because of PC.


sedx4430d ago

this game is still exclusive in japan for ps3..DLC will come to consoles.

Lucretia4430d ago

ummmm people are dumb, IF namco doesnt release this as dlc......then think

if a petition worked for a PC version, theeen it could work for DLC????