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The first thing anyone notices in Skullgirls is the hypersexualization of its all-female cast. In this 2D fighter, the skirts are short, the legs are long, and the chests are, well, you get the idea. It's a treat for some, but for those who scoff at this most basic of carnal pleasures, take heed: behind all the eye candy rests a well-designed fighting engine that addresses several annoyances found in other contemporary fighters. Developer Reverge Labs has built a game whose pacing feels akin to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3--with a little less overwhelming insanity. Skullgirls saves its spectacle for the characters, while keeping its combat fast and focused.

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FlashXIII2473d ago

This is a quality game with some of the best graphics in a fighting game this generation. It is a shame with the path they took with the characters though.. the short skirt, big boobed anime characters look is almost certainly going to drive people away from an awesome fighting game.

Baka-akaB2473d ago

The look is actually comic books based instead of anime , but yeah the choice of the cast and their looks is a turn off for me .

soundslike2473d ago

its definitely a mix of styles, and one of the heaviest most obvious contributors is anime

still, though. very fun juggle mechanics.

For combos, I mean.

Baka-akaB2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

I dont think it's being more anime based . There are some clear american cartoon and books huge influence there imo . Especially when comments from staff themselves seems to confirm it .

Not denying some clear anime influences , (i was missing a "more" somewhere above ), but at least one of the character is even a clear references to the Steambot willie era type of american cartoons .

And a lot of the cast looks straight from a unpublished Scott pilgrim book .

smashcrashbash2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Really? I don't remember the giant boobed, over-sexed jiggle physics of Soul Caliber or Dead or Alive chasing anyone away, so what makes you think a few slight jiggles or short skirts in Skull Girls will drive anyone away? Ivy was practically naked and a few short skirts bother you?

What makes me a little annoyed in Skull Girls though us the lack of a pause button in single player. What's up with that? I can't pause the game in the middle of a match to catch my breath. Also the lack of a leave match feature in online multiplayer. Some times I don't like how a match is going and want to leave but I can't.That is very sloppy and should be fixed.

@ FlashXIII. So what? Because they look cartoony and sexy at the same time that will turn people off? Even more then you shouldn't even give it a thought. I you look at Tex Avery cartoons their were many sexy cartoony girls and there are even some now. Did Jessica Rabbit in Roger Rabbit turn you off from watching Roger Rabbit? Did Minerva from Animaniacs turn anyone off from watching the show?

Not as many people will be put off as you think. The fact that they are cartoons should lessen any things you think about them, not increase them.How is any Skull Girl in a short skirt worse then Ivy wearing practically nothing? It isn't even in the same league.

FlashXIII2473d ago

Because it's perceived as "cartoony" as opposed to a more realistic look to Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive.. you might not understand this but trust me a lot of people will see it this way and be put off.

You can pause the game by holding the start button also it's good you can't rage quit from a game because someone is beating you.