PS Vita may get Skype app “at the tail end of the month”

Xbigy games writes: Sony may release Skype onto the PS Vita as early as the end of this month. A recent question on Playstation’s EU blog may have given away the early release for the app.

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Dante1122382d ago

Wow, this is pretty big. An app that the Vita community always complained about not having.

Tired2382d ago

Skype is not an xbox exclusive because part of the deal when buying them stated that the app was to remain available to all those who used it previously...I'm paraphrasing obviously.

It's apparent that the author didn't bother to do any actual research.


Grap2382d ago

he is. why in hell Microsoft remove something makes them getting money?.+ Microsoft in not in Portable Market so stop these SH!T

protekjv2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

that's great but i still want all my pspgo games playable on the Vita(psone, minis, and maybe ps2 games, etc)hopefully soon.

cynosure2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Pity they didn't use android as an OS then we could have had all these apps at launch

SandWitch2382d ago

It would have been silly to put Android on Vita. Yeah, it would run all Android apps and games, but it's the only advantage. Android is heavyweight OS compared to console firmwares so it would slow down the device.

PS Vita's FW was created for PS Vita so it's as optimized as it can be and this way machine's capabilities are in much higher level.

And I guess you don't own Vita. I really like its unique interface, it's much more lovely than Android.

Thatguy-3102382d ago

that would have been a better choice IMO.

Hicken2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Did you create your account solely for the purpose of trolling Sony posts? How sad.

Why would Sony rely on the Android OS? No, really? If they're trying to build up Suite and have all this integration with the PS3 and PSN and SEN, why in the world would they choose some outside OS to manage their device? The Vita is Sony's little handheld beast, why wouldn't they take every opportunity to promote their own features and services?

Man, if I were the praying type, I'd pray for people like you. Just so you could get a little bit of sense.

Edit: Nothing wrong with the Android OS. I definitely prefer it to iOS.

What bothers me, if anything, is how you so happily proclaim ridiculous things without considering it from more than what amounts to an anti-Sony angle.

Did you consider any of the things I mentioned before you made that post? If Microsoft had a handheld or was making phones, would they prefer to use Android, or their own OS(that should be an easy one)? Would it be easier to make Android or even iOS compatible with Sony's existing services, or would it make more sense to develop, modify, and/or implement their own?

None of this crossed your mind before you commented... or it might have, and you decided to disregard it all to intentionally paint the situation in a negative light.


cynosure2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

You seem upset
Whats wrong with liking Android.Its a great OS

Jihaad_cpt2381d ago

Android is shit compared too OSi is a much better Software, much more stable and to boot its less memory hungry. Also Why would they want to risk leaving the console exposed to such an open platform, hacking would be rife. Also they don't need to pay licencing for Android.

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MGRogue20172382d ago

I'd rather have a YouTube app tbh..

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