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GamingTrend → wants to bring you into their world of team-based massive multiplayer online armored warfare. With development going back as far as 2008, it’s clear that has pushed the armored combat genre into the forefront of the game space with over 3 million players worldwide taking place in global domination – not too shabby for a free-to-play title. Having put quite a few hours into this title myself, it is easy to see why. Whether you’re an old school historic wargamer, first person shooter fan, or one of those fanatical RPG fans, World of Tanks has something for you. It draws you in with its amazing graphics, simple and easy to learn controls, and the lure of an RPG-like system for improving your tanks and crew. On top of that it combines them into a package that will immerse you in fast paced combat for hours. Let’s sink our treads into the mud and take a closer look.

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