Sony Boss Talks PSN Expansion

The PS3's start? Fairly close to disastrous. Things are slowly improving, though, and Sony chieftain Howard Stringer wants to ensure they keep improving. To that effect he's told that the PlayStation Network will soon be expanded, after which Sony will finally begin distributing videos and other multimedia content straight to your PS3. Good news! Because if Microsoft can do it, you'd like to think Sony (who, you know...own both movie and music studios) can do it too. The article mentions a press conference Sony will be holding in two month's time, guess we'll find out more (or maybe even see it launched) then.

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Brian52475437d ago

Throughout the PS3's lifespan. I can't wait to see what Sony has in store for us.

Armyless5437d ago

Say what you want about the PS3, seriously say anything, but if you're going to write that the PS3's start was "disastrous" WHEN IT MIRRORS THE 360'S START, then stop eating what the media hype machine is feeding you.

user81373595436d ago

I think its just going to take a lot longer. Sony the service does not directly make Sony money I'm sure it has a low priority.


happygamer5437d ago

yeah and hope we get a firmware update for in game music.

Ju5437d ago

works now. games need to support it, though.

Darkiewonder5437d ago

in the PSN store and the integration sony plans to WOW ps3 owners.

Chitown712915437d ago

No matter what you do to them they bounce back. Think about it at the start of the PS3s life, Sony didn't break one sweat despite the negative news it had been receiving. The way I see it Sony was relaxing last year, they were fine the competition was getting ahead. well guess what you motherf**ka's have awoken the dragon. Now sony is about to unleash this beast on you b**ches , and it will have better hardware, software, and online service, and Sony as a company is releasing some off da chain sh*t as well. So watch out competition, THE KING HAS RETURNED!!!

Cyrus3655437d ago

Like I posted in the other article, where stringer talks about talking software companies.

This is going to be about Sony Lanuching or atleast giving some concrete plans for the Video/music download service (Taking on the likes of X-box marketplace and Itunes.

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The story is too old to be commented.