White Knight Story Info and new Images

In White Knight Story you play as a young man, who finds an ancient artifact. With this artifact he can transform into a white knight, who has a size of seven meters. In former times the knights were so large, and they devastated nearly the entire civilization.  Also enemies and cities are enormous, some make the even the giants in Shadow Of the Colossus small in comparison. One opponent is over 2 km high!, another looks like a turtle and carries a whole city on his back. - With the help of the PlayStation3 it is for the first time possible to represent suitable textures and details on such large objects.

The party consists of up to three characters. - For the fight the heroes can be configured quite freely. Thus one specifies individually attack forms and special abilities, which can be called up in combat. The developers want to move away from the standard menu (attack, magic, object to use, flee). In the fights one changes freely between the characters, whereby in each case one can be steered at the same time. With the circling branch opens a menu with up to seven functions, which one assigned to the hero before: Such a attack pallet is also storable, so that one can call it up later again. The pallets are among themselves exchangeable, which is to bring additionally strategy in tto the game. The hero can only transform into the enormous knight while in battle when an energy bar for the transformation has filled up. This is done by attacking other opponents in normal, human form. 

Below I have attached some more images from the game.

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