Exclusive: The weapons of Men in Black: Alien Crisis

GamerPops has an exclusive look at the weapons you’ll wield as MIB agent-in-training Peter Delacour, rooting out an alien menace that’s threatening to destroy Earth in Activision's Men in Black: Alien Crisis.

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Bathyj2407d ago

Fairly impractical weapon.

Everytime you fire it, you need a windshield to break your fall.

MissAubrey2407d ago

that looks like a dil.. I mean personal messager

Bathyj2407d ago

I dont really buy into the notion that people who like guns have a preoccupation with their penis but looking at this gun, its hard to argue.

glennco2407d ago

i read somewhere if a guy gives his car a name he generally also has a name for his penis. off topic i know but interesting still