Mitsubishi's 65-inch laser TV prototype spotted

Engadget is reporting Mitsubishi's is set to unveil the new laser TV.
There's pretty much exactly zero info on how this thing works yet -- or even how well it works.

As you can see, there's a bit of depth to the profile of this display, so we're thinking there's a DLP-ish tech going on inside, but your guess is truly as good as ours at this point.


At first glance the colors were sensational and the contrast was extremely intense; and although we were hard pressed to see anything that struck us as groundbreaking, we'll need to see this side by side with a traditional set to really know what we're looking at. Unfortunately, the event was short on details, such as price or availability, but during 2008 is the time frame Mitsubishi is aiming for.

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FirstknighT3936d ago

Oh here is another new tech that I been eyeing on. Supposed to have the best colors and zero rainbow effect and all the other problems that come with DLP. But I heard since it is Lazer it might cause a problem to your eyes. A filter might have to be used to correct this but that might bring the vibrant colors down a notch.

Cyrus3653936d ago

I just want to see how it works, and how impressive the image is, like there was hype on OLED, till you actually see it in motion, it's just

FirstknighT3936d ago

Well here is quick preview of the tech. It definitely has alot of positives over DLP and I been looking for a big screen for the family room. OLED looks like great tech but I haven't heard any info on big screen sets.