Wii U: The truth behind the rumours

Shocking revelations! Scandalous leaks! Yes, welcome to silly season. We analyse all the facts and rumours ahead of E3 2012...

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iamnsuperman2382d ago

"But the fact that the idea was even fielded is important. Rumours may not reflect Nintendo's thinking, but they do reflect the public's. These are stories cooked up by gamers hoping to make sense of Wii U. They give the machine incredi-specs, correct its perceived flaws and imagine a bright online future - all the things we'd change if we could. This feature isn't intended to shoot down flights of fancy, but to show how 'boring' reality may just trump them."

And that the most important part of any rumor. Rumors are generally ridiculous in nature and reflect what the public/small proportion of the public want to see. At the end of the day its all bull anyway

Fel082382d ago

The truth is, there isn't any. All we can do is wait until E3 and hear from Nintendo themselves.

frequentcontributor2382d ago

This is a really in-depth article examining all the WiiU rumors and what could realistically come of them. I particularly enjoyed the speculation on upcoming games. Nice to see a piece where the author has actually done some homework and isn't just making things up as he goes along (aside from the bits of harmless speculation such as Nintendo will start making toys again, etc.). Good read.

PopRocks3592382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Holy crap, a speculative [Wii U] article that cites facts in its analysis? I think N4G is about to implode upon itself.

PopRocks3592381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

LOL Phantom disagree. With a fact followed closely by a joke.

dark-hollow2382d ago

Why articles that take an educated look at the wii u rumors barley gets any attention here while any negative crap hits the first page?

PopRocks3592381d ago

Because N4G users love negativity?

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