'Mission accomplished' for Blu-ray?

LAS VEGAS - The International Consumer Electronics Show is turning out to be a celebration party for Blu-ray, the high-definition format that Sony Corp. backed, and a wake for a rival movie disc technology pushed by Toshiba Corp.

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unsunghero283941d ago

Not afraid to make their parent company look bad.

diatom3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

This story proves that MSNBC has a Pro-Sony Bias :P

As a side note, anyone else notice that Toshiba has removed the HD-DVD players from their web-site...

TANOD3941d ago

BUT THIS time JAVA has also won alongside BD

so double blow for MS but a single blow for TOSHIBA

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Primetimebt3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

If guys actually read the last part of the article you would have seen it was a play right out of Mircosoft's playbook.

[Rob Bohl of Highland Park, N.J., bought an HD DVD player in December for $179.98, without considering a Blu-ray player instead. He had forgotten about the other format.

"I wish I had been more careful and waited," he said.

He feels a bit "burned" by the experience, but it's probably not enough to keep him out of the market.

"The fact is: when I get my tax refund, they'll probably have a cheap player, and I'll probably wind up getting one," Bohl said.

The thought that does give him pause, he said, is that the whole upgrade to high-definition discs might be a waste of time, because of the increasing availability of movies to download off the Internet.

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 game console can already download and show high-definition movies, and Vudu Inc.'s Internet video set-top box started providing HD content in December. ]

Notice how they didn't use the sentence the movie are for rent off the internet, or the word Apple Tv?

bootsielon3941d ago

MSN slutbags, how disgusting. I hope there are always higher resolution TVs so that content on demand never takes off, or that it takes long enough for Bill Gates NOT to see it in his lifetime.

Even better, though unlikely, I wish on demand takes off, though thanks to Apple, Sony and other Non-Microsoft companies.

At least there's the hope that Operative Systems will be obsolete and that the internet will take over, effectively making Windows useless.

TANOD3941d ago

The 2 biggest games of this era are on PS3 and due THIS YEAR and MS claims that 2008 is the best year for X360???????

best year in games == year without games???

GT5,FF13,MGS4,LBP ---all the biggest games of this year are DUE ON PS3 EXCLUSIVELY!!!

we are also getting better MULTI PORTS eg DMC 4,BURNOUT etc

funkysolo3941d ago

is not the same and nowhere close. Anyone that has seen movies on 1080p can easily tell the quality of the movie and sound..All that media distribution is a bunch of crap from M$ and it's blind fan boys. 1080p media downloads are years away. I like quality and I don't mind paying for it as long as the service it's worth it. 1080p and uncompressed sound is the true hd standard anything less is unacceptable. Why would I pay $3000 for a 1080p HDTV and $4000 for a Onkyo7.1 and JBL studio L series if I wasn't getting the most of it...$20 for a movie is not much when you factor in what I have spent to get the best for my enjoyment

The same people that buy dvd's are the same people that are going to buy bluray movies. People still want to have the physical media in their hand otherwise they would be renting dvd's instead of buying them.

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PirateThom3941d ago

It's all a moot point when Sony get their digital distribution service in place.

So, Blu-ray with downloadable PSP versions of movies and digital downloads of Sony Pictures films and other studios.