Planets at War Coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC & MAC

TopWare Interactive announced today plans to publish longstanding partner Targem Games’ new project Planets at War for the PC, MAC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Planets at War is a strategic interplanetary conflict simulator in which players control one of four available races, managing and deploying their forces to conquer enemy regimes.

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I just can't believe how many titles are coming out...where do they think money comes from trees or falls out fo the's just madness lol

No it's SPARTA :P

Dlacy13g2384d ago

Agreed...between retail and the digital download space
it is amazing not only the volume of titles we are seeing but also the quality. When I first got my 360 & PS3 I think my arcade spend was about $20 for the year and I honest felt it was a bit of a waste overall..the games were small and felt shallow compared to the retail games. Now, 6 years later my yearly spend will probably go up by 50% this year over last. And I would say the quality of some of my digital titles absolutely is on par with some of the retail I bought this year.