Halo 4: Why Copying Call Of Duty Is A Big Mistake

Following 343 Industries' Halo 4 exclusive in Game Informer, a number of new multiplayer features have been listed, including Spartan Ops and Halo Infinity. These features sound close to things already seen in Call of Duty, so NowGamer has explored the similarities and state of the FPS genre in a new column. Actually a good read, stick with it to the end.

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hennessey862568d ago

How are they copying call of duty, they have announced a few things in muli-player and its already being slaughtered lol.

fastrez2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

You didn't read the column. The guy is pro Halo. He's not saying it's copying Call of Duty, but explains why it shouldn't. Mainly because the Halo series has often steered clear of playing catch up.

He's just saying that he'd like to see that trend continue with 343. What's wrong with that?

Waddy1012568d ago

If he's explaining why it shouldn't then the title should be different to reflect that.

"Halo 4: Why copying call of Duty WOULD be a big mistake" would be a lot more appropriate as a title.

humbleopinion2568d ago

The guy isn't pro Halo, he's just a douche who tries to get as many site hits as possible.
If he was pro Halo:
1) He'd admit COD actually does some very good things with the multiplayer and other games can learn from that.
2) He'd listen to the podcasts which clearly clarify what Halo 4 brings, and these things are as far away from COD as possible.

How is for example in-match weapon dropouts copying COD when COD has preset weapon loadouts at match start?

Not to mention, half of the features he claims that came from COD were infact pioneered by other games (perks and loadouts where there lond before COD). And on the other side he's also attributing the birth of horde mode to OSDT firefight mode, where it was right there in Gears 2 long before that (and actually called horde mode there). He also doesn't realize that Combat Evolved still had health packs...

Seems like the writer doesn't really know his games, and from this ignorance he's jumping to conclusion based on partial information he didn't bother to investigate thoroughly.

turokgames2568d ago

@waddy: Welcome to NowGamer's misleading headlines.

otherZinc2568d ago

Humbleopinion is right!

This guy isn't pro Halo, he like many other "journalists" dont do their research.

343 is a new studio in name. So called "journalists" like to say 343 has to do with Bungie: 343 has MANY X BUNGIE employees working at 343 RIGHT NOW! Led by Friggin "Frank O'Connor"! That was on board Bungie after Halo CE.

I get tired of these fake "I'm a Halo Fan" spewing garbage thats absolutely incorrect!

STFU! And stop writing articles you know nothing about DAVE!

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TimmyShire2568d ago

Anytime anyone mentions a 'perks' style system, they instantly shout "Call Of Duty!!!1!!oNe!!"

TimmyShire2568d ago

I disagree. I'm not the biggest fan of COD but I still think there's a lot of things Halo could learn from it.

Hufandpuf2568d ago

How so? Killstreaks are the only thing COD's running on now. Besides, Halo Reach already did the currency system for armor already and that's the only noteworthy thing COD could influence an FPS to have now IMO.

skyward2568d ago

Good look at what makes Halo stand apart from other shooters IMO, but no doubting the influence of Spec Ops etc

lover20122568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

after going to the forums it seems that halo fans are not happy with the new changes in halo 4

Fishy Fingers2568d ago

Really, I'm surprised.

Has no one else noticed a trend, changes, that means moaning. No changes, well you know that's a moan.

Basically the more vocal are always those whining or moaning about something, regardless what you do as a developer, someone won't be happy and they'll make their point heard time and time again on forums/threads.

lover20122568d ago

i know what you mean
and those are the hardcore fanboys
in their mind if devs do changes then they suck
if devs don't do any change for the gameplay they also suck
either way in their mind
dev's are always wrong no matter what

tigertron2568d ago

The only COD like thing I've seen is loadouts, which I don't want. Everything else however sounds pretty awesome.

LAWSON722568d ago

Join in progress, Spartan points do same thing as cod points, Spartan ops which looks cool but the name was made up by a 5 year old that plays cod, and more to come.

h311rais3r2568d ago

Yet nothing mentioned cod came even close to inventing. Why do people act as if cod created everything?

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