Get your girl to game: Wii

Want to get your girl to game? Consider getting a Wii. Since its launch, the Wii has been marketed towards non-traditional gamers, in particular female audiences and seniors. If you need any proof, just check out the glut of pink Wii accessories on the market.

Because its relatively budget friendly and doesn't require much investment, noobs to console gaming are more likely to give it a try. Let's check out a few popular titles that might appeal to women non-gamers.

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TitanUp5509d ago

uh guys i just copied and pasted the story didnt change anything.

lockload5509d ago

The article has a title of 'Get Your Girl To Game: Wii'

duarteq5508d ago

She don't need to get a Wii to play games. She play in PC and PS3. I must say that i bought a Wii a year ago and she decided to sold the Wii, and so, it was what i did. After a couple of times it's boring, so we trade it for PS3 games. She loves Folklore and LocoRocco PS3. I know girls Play games but it is not necessary in Wii.

wiizy5508d ago

the ps3 is garbage. good job trying to give it a positive spin.. its simple that the wii has the girl market covered and with the ds also