CES 2008: The Future of PSP

What's next for PSP with Sony's John Koller.

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Bill Gates3936d ago

Looks very bright. Unlike the future of HD-DVD, and the 3FixMe....AAHHAHHAHA

pwnsause3935d ago

HAHAAHHAHAHAA LMAO Bill, who would of thought huh? love my PSP!!!

rofldings3935d ago

Even Zhuk and MART admit the PSP is the best handheld ever made.

gamesR4fun3935d ago

WE got two now wife got me one for xmas n we just bought one for our eldest today (dbays on sat)
Just cant say enough good things so far great games fantastic multimedia tools web and remote play access. Now skype just keeps getting better all the time.

Biphter3935d ago

Had mine since day one, and use it more than any other device ive ever owned.

Still, I wonder when they will allow me to buy PSP specific content on my PS3. Its a bit annoying having to load up my PC to check the Store content. In one sentence this guy is saying "PSP to PS3 connectivity is important" then in the next hes blabbing on about how its really cool to be able to connect to the PC store... and that they don't have any plans to change that.

I want Access from my PSP preferably or at least access from My PS3. The PC store is handy (for being at work or away from home) but primarily the extra content should be accessible through the PSP itself and PS3 as well. Its a no brainer, I hope its in the works.

gano3935d ago

Very good handheld if not the best ever made within yrs. Go sony.

AAACE53935d ago

The future of psp is death!

I had a hard time selling my psp to anyone!

I eventually tricked some sucker into giving me $90 for it!

I don't know who or where you are, but where I am... nobody likes the psp! At first I noticed I always saw people playing the DS. I never saw people playing the psp in public. I thought it was just cause they were scared someone might try to steal it from them.

So to promote the psp in public places I started playing it everywhere I went. I heard people laughing, and thought, "OK, they are just shocked to see a psp!" Then I started hearing what people were saying about it! Then I started only playing at home! Then I came to grips with reality that no matter what game I bought for the psp... I just didn't like it!

I kept my psp for another year, and only played it about 3-5 times before I finally decided to let go of it. I tried to sell it to several people who weren't willing to pay more than $30 for it! Then I finally found that legendary sucker... and sold it as fast as I could!

If you guys/girls like it... more power to you, play it to death!

It should have been designed differently in my opinion! (Flip-top like DS, 2 sticks, better speakers, etc.)

eyeballpauluk3935d ago

i agree that 2 sticks would have made it soo much better...

but i refuse to believe that where you come from every1 is laughing cos you took it out in public!!! The PSP is an immense handheld..I have the DS and PSP, and I love both, but the PSP is superb...the number of top quality games is great as well

THX71683935d ago

From his perspective he probably thought the same of you.

"What an idiot. Selling a PSP for $90"


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