Gamers petitioning against Dark Souls PC use of Games for Windows Live

Gamers demands the game be on Steam "or no sale".

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ATi_Elite2407d ago

The Dark Souls Pubs are out of touch with the world of PC Gaming!

Why on Earth would they use GFWL? GFWL is the scourge of the Earth and PC Gamers HATE it! This is well known and well documented! Also how can you turn down Steam when Steam has shown to produce game sales and make Pubs/Devs a nice chunk of cash!

Hopefully they take note of the petitions and uproar and get rid of GFWL or at least do something to get a Steam release or a NON-GFWL version!

GFWL punishes you for buying a game!

FOXDIE2407d ago

I totally agree on this. For such a niche title as this, they (FROM/Bandai) more then any other publisher should know that GFWL is sh*t and that there are better ways to do it.

If you are going to do a job, then do a good one.